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Torchlight Infinite SS5: Uncovering The Secrets Of Clockwork Ballet - Mechanic, Legendary Equipment And More

Posted: Jul 04, 2024

In Torchlight Infinite, have you ever felt the relentless ticking of the clock, driving you to the brink of despair? Have you missed your legendary opportunities, watching them disappear like shadows in the night? Have you ever lamented the passage of time, feeling it slip through your fingers like grains of sand?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might as well enter Clockwork Ballet, a realm where time moves at your will, making you the master of your fate. You mainly use an ancient power to control the nature of time itself. Welcome to Clockwork Ballet!

This guide will introduce some of the new content in Clockwork Ballet, but before entering the Torchlight Infinite SS5 expansion pack Clockwork Ballet, you need to be reminded that you must bring enough Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium to strengthen your character for the best gaming experience!

Torchlight Infinite SS5: Uncovering The Secrets Of Clockwork Ballet - Mechanic, Legendary Equipment And More

Seasonal Mechanic

Clockwork Ballet Season brings a new Seasonal mechanic to players, which allows you to activate Cogwheels when you approach them, so that you can wake up clockwork automaton enemies around you. Each area has multiple Cogwheels available for you to earn some extra Cogwheel Vouchers.

When you first enter an area, you can choose a Clockwork Ballet Member Service. This will allow you to choose between additional rewards and specific buffs, and can help you complete Operation Clockwork.

After starting the activity, a countdown will begin. This time can be increased by killing enemies or destroying Cogwheels, besides increasing the rewards you receive.

The more Cogwheels you destroy, the more difficult it will be. But don’t worry too much, you can always manually end the operation so that you can collect the rewards you have already earned.

After you complete Clockwork Games, you will receive a certain amount of points and enter Clockwork Ballet Talent Constellation. These points and the increase in rewards will also increase the basic timer of Clockwork Games.

As you progress through Clockwork Ballet Talent Constellation, you will gradually unlock different Membership Services options.

Legendary Equipment Overhaul

Most of the changes in Clockwork Ballet are in Legendary Equipment Overhaul. In previous games, legendary items had fixed affixes, leaving no room for player customization.

In the current game, in addition to the randomly crafted modifiers you can equip on legendary equipment, you can also equip limited edition Legendary Affixes. You can further customize your legendary items by modifying the crafted modifiers and depending on Legendary Aptitude of the item.

Legendary Item Crafting

In the current game, the number of crafted modifiers on Legendary items is determined by Legendary Aptitude. Each item can drop 0-4 Legendary Aptitude.

This means that you will be allowed to use Ultimate Embers to increase mods to Tier 0, but you will lose a Legendary Aptitude or one modifier on the item.

Legendary Aptitude Inheritance

In addition, in this expansion, you can also combine two Legendary items with the same name and Legendary Aptitude to achieve the best state.

Netherrealm Adjustments

Void Chart Map

In Void Chart Map, you can place talent points into content as you like. There are about 20 Talent Star Clusters in Void Star Map, and each one has its own theme and relative Talent Tree.

The drop rate of each talent point has also been increased in Void Chart Map, which will provide you with more diverse and stable grinding strategies.

Void Chart Talent Tree Pages

In the previous base game, when you wanted to change your Netherrealm strategy, you had to complete various Beacons and clear chaos cards to change your strategy. Now you don’t have to be so troublesome. You can switch back and forth between talent trees with just one click, and it’s very easy.

Streamlined Voyager Chaos Cards

Before the expansion, it was quite difficult to work hard to build a Voyager Set. You would get a lot of duplicate items, and the items you were missing would never appear. But now you can quickly find the missing items in your set, and you will get a specific piece of equipment after completing the map reward.

After learning about the entire Torchlight Infinite SS5 Expansion Clockwork Ballet, are you looking forward to the official version released? I hope you have fun playing the game!


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