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The Elder Scrolls Online Preview Update

Posted: Feb 25, 2022

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 33 will be released on PC on March 14 and on PlayStation and Xbox on March 29. The team has largely revealed our extensive preview of the new characters we expect to be added in this patch. IGGM summarizes the main contents of the following updates for you:

One of the biggest changes in this update is achievements. Achievements will now be done account-wide, so if you get an achievement on one character, it will show up on all of your characters. But this is the case for most of the achievements available in the game, and is doing this for several reasons. For players, it gives you unlocked achievements and titles available to all of your characters without having to do the same thing over and over again. For game developers, merging achievements also reduces the amount of data the database has to process, so it should improve performance.

This update will also introduce new PVP rewards. Worthy Coffers will have the opportunity to include items from these armor sets: Rallying Cry (light), Hew and Sunder (medium, and Enervating Aura (heavy). These sets make different types of PVP moves more useful. One example is that Rallying Cry can be used in Increases your teammates' weapon and spell damage and crit resistance after you critically hit yourself or an ally. The update also introduces a new set: Dragon guard Berserker Armor, which you can only get by fighting and swapping styles with Tel var Stones get.

Another part of the update you can buy for your convenience is Giladil the Ragpicker, the deconstruction assistant. She will break down any item you need, no matter where you are. You can get ESO Gold to help you complete the game better, which will be the next assistant in the Crown Store when the patch is released.

The final version is tied to the upcoming Ascending Tide DLC. However, these changes will apply to everyone's base game.


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