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News Tag: wotlk classic wintergrasp

  • Means Of Queueing For Wintergrasp In WoW Wrath Of The Lich King Classic

    Posted: Nov 14, 2022

    Wintergrasp is back with the release of WotLK Classic. While Northrend is pretty much full of the PvP arena, Wintergrasp is one of the most popular and largest world PvP zones of all time.

    Wintergrasp is similar to Tol Barad and emphasizes siege weapon warfare. The raid was huge. I say this because the battlefield in Wintergrasp can hold up to 120 players from the Horde and Alliance at the same time.

    During the battle, one of these two factions should be used as a defensive faction, and the other should be used as a siege faction. The ultimate goal is to compete for control of the area within a limited time. Regardless of the faction, as long as they win, players of that faction can not only collect honor points, but also qualify for the Vault of Archavon raid. If you can defeat the boss in the Archavon Vault, you can also get PvP loot at various levels.

    Every 2 hours and 30 minutes, the battle of Wintergrasp begins. If you also want to queue up to enter Wintergrasp, you must follow the steps below.

    First, you have to make sure you have reached level 75 or higher. If you haven't reached that level, you can use WOTLK Classic to help you level up quickly. When you reach the level requirement, you can take the following two ways to queue up in Wintergrasp.

    The first method works for players of all factions. Specifically, whether you're a Horde or Alliance player, you first have to go to Dalaran. Once there, you can queue through portals at the Alliance or Horde quarters of that city. During the queue, you can also talk to the battlemaster of your faction. These NPCs will tell you when the next battle of Wintergrasp begins, and will also reveal to you which faction has the advantage in the current battle. It's worth noting that both Horde and Alliance players can participate in massive dogfights multiple times a day.

    The second way is to go directly into the area, but only if you meet some prerequisites. Since Wintergrasp is located in the dead end part of Northrend and is a mountainous locked area, players must enable the select flight path or Cold Weather Flying if they want to enter this area directly. One thing you need to be aware of is once you enter Wintergrasp, whether you choose to fight or simply enter, and no matter which server you are on, you will be defaulted to the PvP arena.

    Wintergrasp in WotLK Classic also allows players to drive more sophisticated siege vehicles such as Siege Engines and Demolishers as they level up. When you win the battle of Wintergrasp, you can unlock not only achievements related to the area, but also PvP epics, heirlooms, and vanity mounts that you can purchase from the quartermasters.

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