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News Tag: curse of vampirism

  • ESO Guide: How To Become A Vampire? And What're The Benefits?

    Posted: May 10, 2021

    In ESO, becoming a vampire will allow you to open up a new skill tree, which is exciting. Unlocking skills are powerful, but vampires also have shortcomings. Your character will gain new weaknesses, which will also change the way you play the game.

    This article will tell you different ways to become a vampire in ESO, and will show its shortcomings so that you can make choices based on your situation.

    How to become a Vampire?

    There are 3 ways to turn your character into a vampire, two of which are available in the game, and the other is available for purchase. After becoming a vampire, you will start as a vampire in stage 1, and you can rise to stage 4 by biting people.

    Get infected by Bloodfiend mobs

    You can find Bloodfiends in different zones of Tamriel. They are vampiric enemies. Bloodfiends generated in a specific location can infect you by attacking you, but the chance of being infected by Bloodfiends is slim, so it may take a while.

    To find infectious Bloodfiends, you need to go to Reaper’s March, The Rift or Bankorai. In these areas, you will find them randomly appearing at night. These Bloodfiends can infect you, so you need to track them down and absorb some attacks.

    Let another Vampire Player bite you

    Another way to become a vampire is to be bitten by another vampire player. In order to find vampires willing to infect others, you can talk to the player in the zone chat, or find a vampire guild.

    They usually charge Gold or ask for specific items in exchange for biting your character.

    Buy Vampirism from the Crown Store

    A shortcut to becoming a vampire is to buy Curse of Vampirism from the Crown Store. This requires 1500 Crowns and can only be applied to one of your characters. After purchasing, you will immediately become a vampire with the lowest skill level.

    If you want to be the highest level vampire, you can spend 3000 Crows to buy Vampire Skill Tree.

    Is becoming a Vampire worth it?

    Vampirism gives you brand new gameplay. The new skill tree can unlock some powerful new abilities, such as Blood Scion and Mist Form.

    As the vampire stage increases, you will gain temporary weakness, which makes the battle more difficult. For example, in vampire stage 4, your health regeneration is 75% slower than normal, which makes it very challenging to inject endgame activities such as running dungeons and trials.

    The vampire stage will also unlock new skills and abilities that mortal players cannot obtain, making you more unique.

    These are the strengths and weaknesses of becoming a vampire, you can make your own decision whether or not to become a vampire. For more information about Elder Scrolls Online, you can check it out on IGGM.

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