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News Tag: Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Fortitude Rank

  • Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: What Are Morale Rank And Fortitude Rank? - Beginners Guide

    Posted: Mar 29, 2023

    This is a quick guide explaining Morale Rank and Fortitude Rank in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

    What Is Morale?

    At the beginning of the game, several mechanics are explained on the screen one after another and it all gets a little confusing. One of these is the morale ranking system.

    As you can see, I have a zero here. This is our current Morale Rank. As I kill enemies, an orange ring starts filling up around the number zero and when it’s full, our Morale Rank levels up. So, what is this?

    This is the dual purpose system of morale. The higher your morale is, the more damage you will do and the less you will take. But this also applies to the enemies. You’ll notice each enemy and boss has a Morale Rank when in combat. It’s simple, whoever or whatever. 

    Having the highest Morale Rank will be at an advantage. So, if you go up against an enemy with a higher Morale Rank than yourself, you will do less damage to it and it will do more damage to you. If your Morale Rank is higher, though, you will be the one doing more damage and you will be the one taking less damage.

    Of course, this all comes down to risk and reward as the higher your enemy’s Morale Rank, the better rarity of items it will drop and you’ll receive better rewards in general. 

    Losing Morale

    Now, as mentioned, killing enemies increases your Morale Rank, but if an enemy kills you, then your Morale Rank will go down. In fact, at the start of the game or area, your rank will reset to zero. This is not good. You will also lose Morale Ranks when you’re hit by an enemy’s Critical Blow. You’ll know these as those scary red charge attacks that devastate your health bar.

    What Is Fortitude?

    And of course, the same goes if you deliver a Critical Blow on an enemy, you will lower their Morale Rank. But not to worry as we have an insurance policy. This is called Fortitude. If you look up to the top right of the screen, you will see three pieces of information: 

    The top icon, an orange ring with a downward arrow, is your current Fortitude Rank. Then below, you have two flag icons with numbers next to them. Every time you plant a Battle Flag or a Marking Flag throughout the level, your Fortitude Rank will increase and this becomes your lowest possible Morale Rank. Here’s an example.

    I have died and my Morale Rank has reset to zero. But after planting a Battle Flag, my fortitude rank has increased to level two. This means that when I die now again, the lowest my Morale Rank will drop to is two. And as we plant more flags throughout the area, our Fortitude Rank will increase. 

    But there are still penalties for dying. When you die, the enemy that kills you will hold your morale points and 50% of your Genuine Qi. Genuine Qi is your level up currency like Souls in Dark Souls.


    Now, this is where revenge and re-challenge come into play. The enemy that kills you will be holding your morale and your Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Genuine Qi and you’ll see a flame around their Morale Rank, indicating this.

    Get your revenge by defeating the enemy and you will get your morale and Genuine Qi back. When it comes to bosses, if they kill you, all you have to do is re-enter their boss fight and you will immediately get your morale and genuine key back at the start of the fight.

    Now, the game states that morale also opens up more battle options. This seems to mainly be referring to Wizardry Spells as spells require a certain Morale Rank to cast. So, it goes without saying you want to get as high morale as possible when taking on harder enemies and bosses.


    Generally speaking, if you find all of the flags in an area before the boss, your base morale level should put you on a par with the boss. 

    To make it fair, farming Morale Ranks is generally quite easy. Find an enemy near a Battle Flag, kill them, rest and reset the flag and then go again. The max Morale Rank you can have is 25. 

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