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News Tag: Windsward Hamlet

  • New World: How To Get Nightcrawler Bait?

    Posted: Sep 29, 2021

    You can now enjoy New World, provided that you can successfully log in to the game. For players who have entered the game, there is much content waiting for them to experience. In addition to killing enemies or creating things in New World, you can also spend time relaxing on the pond or dock. Fishing will be beneficial. IGGM will introduce the specific steps.

    To start your fishing trip, you can gather Woodlouse bait from any bush and take them to the large pond located west of Windsward Hamlet. There, Master Fisher Shields will give you a fishing rod and teach you the fishing basics. If you want to skip the tutorial, and already have the materials, you can craft a fishing rod at the workshop. A basic wooden fishing rod only needs a piece of Greenwood and a Fiber.

    A more advanced Treated Wood Fishing rod requires you to reach level 5 or 6, and the cost is 12 Timber, 3 Coarse leather, and 2 Linen.

    Once you have a fishing rod, you can start fishing in any open water or a fishing hotspot. One type of bait you can use is Nightcrawler.

    Where to find Nightcrawler bait?

    You can find Nightcrawler bait under random flints, but only during the day, because Nightcrawler will crawl out at night. If you pick up flint at night, you will get Glowworm bait.

    Both Nightcrawler and Glowworm bait can improve your chances of catching better fish in saltwater. This kind of bait has no use in freshwater resources such as ponds or lakes.

    The beach will be the best place for you to gather flint, just like in the mountains along the coast, you can also find flint in the forests. Each zone has some beach areas, but the First Light has the most.

    When you go fishing, click "R" to equip your bait and choose your Nightcrawler bait. In the next period, IGGM will also update news related to New World.

    In addition, IGGM provides cheap New World Coins for players' needs, and will launch New World Items in the future, all in consideration of providing players with a better gaming experience.

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