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News Tag: Wandering Merchant

  • How To Get Lost Ark Gold Faster?

    Posted: Feb 18, 2022

    Lost Ark Gold plays a vital role in the game, it helps you get the perfect item. So in the game, there is a way to get Gold for a short time quickly, which means it only takes one day to go from small to big shot on Lost Ark's global trading market. You can farm Gold by following IGGM's introduction.

    Find A Wandering Merchant

    Wandering merchants appear randomly in the world, and there are ways to track them down. If you're in the guild, you can ask your friends to quickly check the wheel icon on the map.

    Each merchant has some small buffs that other players can make themselves. But they also have cards, items for Adventurer’s Time, and achievement-based products. Their value is unbelievable and is worth much more on the market than their silver price. Before buying, make sure the item is tradable.

    If you've reached 50, there will be a checklist you need, and you'll need to look for completion entries and finish decks. Check out other prices, offer a competitive price, or a lower price than the others. Then repeat the process of finding wandering merchant, buying rare stocks, and then selling them for gold. This is the quickest way to get Lost Ark Gold, and there are other ways to get Gold as well.

    Other Ways to gain Lost Ark Gold

    * Complete co-op navigation missions

    * Find secret rooms in chaos dungeons

    * Do the first raid guardian

    * Sell crafted items, especially potions and grenades

    * Level up rapport with the NPCs

    * Look for adventure islands with gold rewards

    If you want to get a lot of Gold in a short time to make sure the game process goes more smoothly, you can come to IGGM to buy Lost Ark Gold, cheap price and fast delivery are all reasons why you can always trust IGGM.

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