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News Tag: WOTLK Classic Races

  • WotLK Classic: 5 Best Races To Play In Phase 3

    Posted: May 08, 2023

    Are you looking to boost your DPS without altering your gameplay? Perhaps you’re aiming to conquer more arena matches before the competition even begins.

    Why Races Are Important?

    In the Wrath of the Lich King Phase 3, races have never been more crucial for achieving success in both PVE and PVP environments. We’re skeptical. The world’s top guild recently underwent a complete race change to gain that extra competitive edge.

    But before we talk about the best races, we have to talk about your goals. Do you just want to clear the content and have fun with your friends? Then, you don’t need to re-roll a race change anytime soon. But if you’re serious about minmaxing, races have to be considered.

    For PVE, the right races could be a huge DPS increase. They’re even required for serious speedrunning guilds and an Arena’s Racial can affect five to ten arena games out of every hundred. That could be the difference between being a 2000 rating drama being a Gladiator God gamer. So, let’s dive into the five most powerful races you need to know about in Wrath of the Lich King Phase 3.

    Number Five: Dwarf

    If Stoneform is still just so good in arenas, being able to clear all the Poison, Disease and Bleeding effects covers most of the annoying classes, like Rogues, Feral Druids and Death Knights.

    The big problem, though, is that only 26 of the top 100 arena players play those classes. This is a Warrior and Paladin expansion and unfortunately, they don’t spread too many diseases. With that being said, you do get a 10% Armor bonus for 8 seconds, which scales late into Wrath. That’s perfect for bulking up as those Warriors smack you with Shadowmourne.

    It’s also nice to note that having an on-demand armor buff is great for PVE, especially for when you walk into black holes in Albion and die in your Priest.

    Number Four: Orc

    Orc just seems to never go away as a top choice for PVE and PVP. I mean the 15% stun reduction isn’t as nice as actually resisting stun in TPC, but it is still really noticeable in PVP.

    An ax specialization really comes in a clutch with the five bonus expertise. That makes Orcs arguably the best Shadowmourne holders in the game on classes like Warriors. But we’re really just here for Blood Fury.

    Blood Fury raises your Attack Power by 322 or your Spell Power by 163. One nice feature of Blood Fury is that the cooldown’s only two minutes. So many of the nerfed Ulduar fights in Phase 3 are going to be subbed 3 minutes. Even fights like Twin Val’kyr should eventually be subbed 3 minutes as well.

    So, while trolls might only get one Berserkinger Stance use in many fights, you’ll get multiple Blood Fury uses.

    Number Three: Night Elf

    Night Elves do gain some nice passives like Quickness, which reduces the chance you’ll be hit by 2%. But the real draw here is Shadowmeld, where do I even start. This ability is just so good at PVP.

    It’s usable in combat, and it can be helpful to sell your character. That means it breaks cast and drops you from the enemy target at focus frames.

    I’m also looking forward to doing some testing with Shadowmourne on Trial the Crusader fights, like Faction Champions. The more mechanics you can avoid in a raid, the better chances of survival and that sweet Tribute Chest will be full of gear. You will also get more WOTLK Classic Gold.

    Also, if you want to prepare for the future, there’s a good half dozen mechanics in Icecrown Citadel you can just avoid by shadowmelding.

    Number Two: Human

    The Human race Will to Survive is the single strongest race in the game. It works exactly like a PVP Trinket, so you can free up a slot for any number of broken and overpowered Trinkets. Of course, this is way better in PVP, but there are plenty of CCs in PVE you can break too.

    Imagine running Deathbringer’s Will in the Sharpened Twilight Scale at the same time and raise the PVP. Though you should settle down for a second because those broken trinkets won’t be in the game in Phase 3. I mean, a Fire Mage could run Reign of the Dead And Flare the Heavens at the same time.

    Another way to put it is that a Priest running Solace instead of a PVP Trinket will gain 8,600 more Mana in a 5-minute arena. So, even right now, it’s a huge advantage to be Human, but the real benefits are going to come in the last two patches.

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    Number One: Troll

    Troll just offers the best race in Phase 3. That’s evidenced by 17 of the fastest 20 guilds in the world being Horde right now. In fact, several of the top speed running guilds like progress completely race change just to get a bigger edge of PVE.

    Could it be that players are really re-rolling for Da Voodoo Shuffle full of 15% reduction to movement speed and imparing effects or maybe it’s Beast Slaying, the 5% damage increase versus Beasts.

    I don’t think so. It’s Berserking and that 20% Haste buff for 10 seconds every three minutes. There’s no race that offers a bigger DPS increase, but it’s also insane for Healers, too. Being able to use a clutch radio with 20% Haste will save your raid more than a few times. And Trolls are no slouches than PVP either. Playing a frost major PVP with Berserking feels like borderline cheating.

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