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News Tag: WOTLK Classic Mobile Banking

  • WOTLK Classic: How To Unlock Mobile Banking In Phase 3?

    Posted: Jun 08, 2023

    In Phase 3, portable banks are coming and they’re going to completely change my play style.

    I’ll be using my mobile bank for gold making purposes, like being able to better farm the jewel crafting daily. This is the best way for a master looter to store mountains of gear that add up during the Trial of the Crusader runs.

    I also plan to use my remote bank to quickly swap gear sets during raids and PVP. From gold making to rating to convenience, everybody should be getting at least one of the two mobile bank options. So, l’ll talk about the two new remote banks coming to Phase 3 and how to get them fast.

    Argent Pony Bridle

    Coming on June 20th, you’ll be able to unlock two separate Mobile Banking options.

    The first option is the Argent Pony Bridle, which is a mounted squire pad. You can talk to him for bank access three minutes every four hours. The biggest benefit to the Argent Squire is that your bank moves with you. That means if you’re farming a need to mount up or if you forgot an item, your bank is right behind you and ready to be accessed.

    Another big plus is that you can alternatively use your squire as a remote mailbox or repair vendor complete with food, ammo, and reagents. Although your squire doesn’t sell water, he does sell the ingredients for Kungaloosh. So, you can always generate water during farming and raids. You also don’t need any engineering levels or skills whatsoever to obtain this bank,

    The only thing you need is a currency called Champion Seals. The one downside to the Argent Pony Bridle is that none of the perks work for anybody else in your party. We will talk about how to get the Argent Pony Bridle as fast as possible in a second.


    First, we do need to talk about the other remote banking option, which is Jeeves.

    Jeeves is the crafted repair bot you can summon for 10 minutes every hour. And Jeeves allows you to access your bank and deposit and withdraw items just like the Argent Pony Bridle. On top of Mobile Banking, he also has typical repair bot functions.

    Unfortunately, he only offers default reagents and no food or drink. Jeeves would be a no-brainer for every character in Wrath. But unfortunately does require 450 engineering. He also requires some significant farming, which we’ll cover later.

    How To Get The Argent Pony Bridle Fast?

    So, how do we get these mobile banks as fast as possible?

    I’ll start with the Argent Pony Bridle since this process is very straightforward. You need to champion every city in the Argent Tournament.

    After completing all the cities, you also need to get Exalted with all the major cities, too.

    On top of maxing out the cities, you’ll also need 150 Champion Seals to buy the Argent Pony Bridle. That means you should be doing the champions dailies for five seals per day. You can also combine these quests with a daily Trial of the Champion heroic dungeon run and Sunreavers or Silver Covenant dailies, too.

    How To Build Jeeves Fast?

    Moving on to Jeeves, this is a multi-step process.

    Step one is to achieve 450 engineering. Above 400, I recommend making practical items, like Mana Injector Kits and Global Thermal Sapper Charges. Then, you’ll have to blow gold (from 435 to 450) on Gnomish Army Knifes.

    As for the recipe itself, the best way to farm the Jeeves recipe is by salvaging Library Guardians in Storm Peaks. The drop rate is approximately one percent. So, this could take four or five hours.

    With the recipe in hand, we need to gather all the materials to make Jeeves. If you have lots of WOTLK Classic Gold, you can always pre-buy everything on the Auction House. As prices go up, this will become too expensive for many players.

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    Either way, the first thing we need are two King’s Ambers. I recommend saving up forty thousand Honor to buy two the second the batch wraps.

    Another expensive part of getting Jeeves is the eight Titansteel Bars. You should buy these early before the price shoots up. You’ll also need 20 Scrapbot Construction Kits. You can buy these on the Auction House or the cheaper option is to make them yourself.

    To unlock the scrapbot recipe, you first need to get a quest item called the SCRAP-E Access Card. This is a 100 drop rate from the Library Guardians in Storm Peaks. And then, you need to take four Handfuls of Cobalt Bolts and five Overcharged Capacitors to scrappy in Storm Peaks. Then, he’ll teach you the scrapbot recipe and you’re good to go.

    We’ll also need 10 Field Repair Bot 110Gs. These are actually a pretty good gold maker on my server right now. I farmed the recipe from the Gan’arg Analyzers and Blade’s Edge Mountains by the Simon Says puzzles.

    Also, don’t forget that you need two Field Repair Bot 74As as well. That recipe is from Blackrock Depths and it requires a Shadowforge Key to reach. I didn’t want to bother getting that key. So, I did some complicated parkour to get the recipe. Alternatively, an Elemental Seaforium Charge will get you through the door, which saves a lot of time and effort.

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