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News Tag: Update 29

  • ESO Guide: How To Increase Mount Speed?

    Posted: Mar 19, 2021

    Update 29 has brought huge changes to ESO, and the thorough revision of the Champion System has attracted a lot of attention. But there is another change in Update 29, you will be able to increase the mount speed with less effort.

    Although you can use the stables to upgrade speed for a day, it is a rather slow process. So in Update 29, there is a way to get you into your ESO adventure faster. The only prerequisite is that the character level needs to be 10.

    The fastest way to increase the speed of the mount is to rework the Assault skill line. This PvP skill line is bound to Cyrodiil, but the latest mount enhancing process removes even the need for a single PvP instance.

    Previously, Major Gallop was embedded in Rapid Maneuver, an active skill and PvP skill line. Although Major Gallop can still be found on the Assault skill line, it has been removed from Rapid Maneuver and is set as a continuous Attack passive. The 30% speed increase is now part of the passive ability, and this effect is permanent. Before Update 29, when Rapid Maneuver was turned on and activated, the effect could only last for 30 seconds.

    Not only is the speed increased permanently, but continuous Attack passive is unlocked at Assault rank 3 instead of for Rapid Maneuver rank 5. This means that it takes less time to complete quests in Cyrodiil. And you can even get Rank 3 without entering PvP mode.

    To do this, you first go to the Campaigns menu and select Cyrodiil. Multiple battles will be popular, it doesn't matter which one you choose, you will be sent to Cyrodiil when the battle is activated.

    Now it’s time to start the Welcome to Cyrodiil quest. You can get it from Olvyia Indaram (Northern Morrowind Gate) or Mirrored-Skin (Southern Morrowind Gate). After you talk to any of these NPCs, continue the tutorial quests, which will continue with Adalmor. Be careful, don’t skip training by heading to Grand Warlord Zimmeron.

    Adalmor will begin the Siege Warfare quest. Before entering the next quest marker, launch the siege weapons and use the provided repair kit to quickly repair one. After you are done, you can continue.

    Galsi Mavani and Adalmor are in the same area. Talk to her and she will take you to Protector Galiel. Interact with Gakiel, and then you may see Grand Warlord Zimmeron.

    After that, Zimmeron will take you to General Dar-Liurz. Talk to the NPC, you will be instructed to talk to the last person - General Jeggord.

    Once the conversation is over, you will receive the Alliance Points required to reach rank 3. Unlock the Continuous Attack passive, you are done, and now your mount speed will become very fast.

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