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News Tag: Speaker Terenus

  • ESO Guide: How To Complete Black Sacraments Quests?

    Posted: Aug 25, 2021

    Black Sacraments is a unique killing quest of the Dark Brotherhood. To unlock Black Sacraments and the contract, you will need to go through the Dark Brotherhood questline. Simply put, after completing the ‘A Lesson In Silence’ quest, members will be able to access Black Sacrament.

    In general, Sacrament objectives are more challenging than basic contract tasks. You need to track and assassinate the targets under strict restrictions. Unlike contracts, Sacraments can only be completed once per day. IGGM will introduce all the information about Sacraments.

    How to start Black Sacraments?

    To start one of the Black Sacraments, you need to talk to Speaker Terenus at Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, and you need to ask Terenus "Do you have anything for me today Speaker?". He would say that Night Mother has a public petition. Follow the obvious conversation path and fast travel to the recommended location. There, you need to kill two targets while completing each challenge assigned by Terenus.

    After completing the quest, Terenus will reward you with ESO Gold, prestige, and items.

    These Black Sacraments are completely RNG. This means that the daily Sacrament is random. There are three Black Sacrament locations, and there are also three Sacraments. According to the specific date, Speaker will choose 2 out of 7 to 8 possible targets. This means that every day, you will be able to complete 3 of them at each location.

    How to complete Black Sacraments?

    Every time you complete a Sacrament, you should keep a tally, which will save your time. To accomplish this achievement, two targets must be marked as goals for the day. Below are each location, which will be helpful.

    Sewer Tenement

    * Alard Cerone

    * Andilo Andrano

    * Aojee-Ei

    * Dolwinora

    * Geon Alinie

    * Herminius Andus

    * Lamzakha

    * Talraha

    Smuggler's Den

    * Abizzaka

    * Borcholim

    * Brunka

    * Bur-Waska

    * Daynil Uveleth

    * Eslendore

    * Geon Alinie

    * Savilian Colus

    Trader's Cove

    * Tebeba

    * Mabgrolabesh

    * Nalosi Orethi

    * Rinweril

    * Steidor

    * Geon Alinie

    * Monsashana

    How to kill targets?

    * Murder your target with a poison equipped on the weapon slot you have active when you make the kill, or

    * Kill your target with the Blade of Woe.

    This is about Black Sacraments, if you are looking for more ESO-related guides, you can browse IGGM. In addition, IGGM also provides cheap ESO Gold to help you easily cope with the difficulties encountered in the game.

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