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News Tag: Rockgrove Trial

  • ESO: How To Save Time and Money By Removing A Bounty?

    Posted: Aug 16, 2021

    Mastering the method of removing bounties in ESO will make you a real game-changer. The Bounties function is similar to the Grand Theft Auto series.

    If you are found committing a crime like murder or robbery, local officials will try to collect a fee from you or force you into submission. You can choose to pay the fee or escape, but once caught, all the stolen items will be returned to the rightful owner. These items can help you overcome the new Rockgrove Trial and its challenges. You can have a few different options for how to handle the bounty. IGGM will show you how to get rid of them.

    The severity of the crime will determine the value of the bounty itself. The more serious the crime, the more bounty you will get. These stolen items can show you how to craft gear and weapons, and you can measure this through the Infamy Bar on the screen. Not only that, the Heat system will also determine the guard's reaction to you. If the Heat Bar is too high, the guards will take more aggressive actions against you.

    How to remove Bounties?

    In ESO, there are different ways to deal with Bounties for you to choose from:

    * Pay the fee: The guards will first try to make you pay for your crimes. You can do this, but all your stolen items will return to the correct location.

    * Waiting: Over time, the bounty will naturally decrease, and you can also avoid the guards until it leaves away.

    * Fences: This is a person that stolen items can be sold to. You can find them in Outlaws Refuge. Once the stolen cargo is sold, the bounty will disappear.

    * Edict: This item will remove Bounties and Heat. They appear in three different types, Grand Amnesty, Counterfeit Pardon, and Leniency Edict.

    This is the perfect preparation for the Blackwood expansion, you can unlock various games by leveling up and completing specific quests.

    For more ESO guides or information, you can check on IGGM. In addition, cheap ESO Gold is also available on IGGM. As long as you need ESO Gold, you can buy it on IGGM at any time.

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