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News Tag: Polar Bears Mount

  • FFXIV: The Annual Moonfire Faire Is Upon Us, Which Features With Ice Cream and Polar Bears

    Posted: Aug 07, 2021

    FFXIV's annual Moonfire Faire is coming soon. This summer celebration will bring delicious snacks, a new quest from the regular host Mayaru Moyaru, and a pretty big and lovely companion. All of these will appear in the game next week, that is, August 13th.

    FFXIV's Moonfire Faire 2021 brings back an annual summer limited-time event to Square Enix's popular MMO game, which adds new quests, new items, and some surprises. If you are an old FF14 player, then last year's Moonfire Faire scene should still be vivid in your mind. It was shark-themed, with summer clothing items and a new emote.

    But this year's event is a bit different because there are no unique clothing items and there seem to be no sharks, but there is another large predator waiting for you. One of the main items it will provide is a horn, which can summon a huge but quite cute polar bear mount. Other rewards are ice cream treat, corn on the cob and a mask stall furnishing item.

    As before, you can find Mayaru Moyaru at Updder Decks (X:11.5, Y:13.8) in Limsa Lominsa. To enter the Unseasonable Chills quest, you need to be at least level 30. Moonfire Faire will start on August 13th at 9:00 UK/ 4:00 ET/ 1:00 PT and will end on August 26th at 15:59 UK/ 10:59 ET/7:59 PT.

    In addition, FFXIV is highly anticipated because the Reaper and Sage classes will appear in the Endwalker expansion. So FFXIV seems to be a game that has been bringing freshness to fans, so when Endwalker arrives, another wave of fans will join in the game.

    When the FFXIV Moonfire Faire arrives, IGGM will also provide the latest news so that you can fully enjoy this Moonfire Faire.

    If you need cheap FFXIV Gil, you can also get it on IGGM. You can enhance your character through buy FFXIV Gil, so that you can progress more smoothly in the game world.

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