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News Tag: Outpost Rush

  • New World: Ways To Raise Your Gear Score

    Posted: Nov 02, 2021

    To enjoy more hardcore PVP elements in the New World endgame, you need to make sure that you are not left behind. To maintain survivability in battle, you can't fall behind too much in stats and abilities, New World Coins will help you to a certain extent. In addition, many factors affect your combat ability, one of which is the gear score.

    Gear Score is based on the average score of your weapons and armor. It can help you know how powerful your character is in the level. It is usually used to distinguish between high-level and max-level roles to determine the most effective ones in PVE and PVP.

    How to increase gear score?

    To increase the gear score in New World, you need to get better gear. You can find the best gear in the following locations to obtain high-level loot, thereby improving your gear score.

    * Run Dungeons and Expeditions

    * Complete Corrupted Breaches

    * Play Outpost Rush

    * Kill Level 60+ Elite Mobs

    * Loot Elite Supply Chests

    * Craft High-Level Gear

    How to find or craft better gear?

    World Events

    The dungeon is of course the best place to get high-quality gear, and grinding is a good way to improve gear score. To hit a large number of dungeons in New World, then you need Tuning Orbs. Corrupted breaches will also drop high-quality loot, and randomly generated portals in the Aeternum where Corrupted spawn. When finished, you can find some good loot. Outpost Rush is a Domination-style PVP mode specially designed for level 60 players. You will get Outpost Rush Chests when you win. Every World Event will drop weapons, armor, jewels and crafting materials to increase gear score.

    Elite Mobs&Chests

    The following are the loot that each level of the elite mob can obtain:

    * Elite 61+: Gear Score 500-525

    * Elite 62+: Gear Score 525-549

    * Elite 63+: Gear Score 549-577

    * Elite 64+: Gear Score 577-591

    You will usually find Elite Supply Chests near enemies or other high-level bosses.

    Craft High-level Gear

    This is a simple way to increase the character gear score, but you need to upgrade your crafting skills first. If properly upgraded, skills like Weaponsmithing and Armoring can produce high-level weapons and armor. You should wait for the upgrade of skills such as Weaponsmithing and Armoring until you reach the level cap.

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  • How Will New World Balance Between PvP and PvE?

    Posted: Sep 22, 2021

    One of the biggest challenges developer faces in MMO games is balancing PvE and PvP. For New World, the PvP mode is not a necessary condition, but it is dedicated to the coexistence of PvE and PvP. Because the developers stated that their goal is to allow players to get the same rewards for the same amount of time invested in the same risk, which also means that there are many ways to get New World Coins.

    New World will provide multiple opportunities for players to participate in PvP battles. Some activities are scheduled or instanced, like Wars and Outpost Rush, while other activities will take place in the open world itself. When you run in the open world, you will not receive damage from other players unless you flag yourself as PvP. New World encourages players to achieve this goal through territory forts.

    Each regional fort in New World is a PvP control point, providing territory and global rewards for the faction that controls it. In order for you to claim another territory, you need to flag yourself for PvP. Then, you need to have more players at the control point than other factions. The world map will show the status of each fort, including which ones are being contested.

    Although you will not be forced to participate in this open-world PvP, rewards may encourage participation in control points. The gains provided by faction control points can be a 5% experience increase and a 20% influence increase. In addition, each fort has a unique global buff for the faction in control, such as reducing taxes or the cost of fast travel.

    In New World, Outpost Rush is an endgame 20v20 battle, each team must collect resources, build their outpost, capture objectives and defeat the enemy. In the Wars, various factions will need to compete for control of the territory.

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