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News Tag: Nuclear Winter

  • Fallout 76 Guide: How To Survive In Nuclear Winter?

    Posted: Mar 15, 2021

    Fallout 76 introduces a new mode - Nuclear Winter. It brings players most of the features in Battle Royale, and also includes features unique to Fallout 76. If you want to get through this harrowing mode, you need to master the relevant survival skills.

    Nuclear Winter

    This is another battle royale mode, but it is now set in the world of Fallout. You have to form a team first. You have to loot equipment, guns and other items while avoiding or killing other players. The timer ticking will continue to shrink the game area, forcing the conflict to continue until only one team remains. Fallout 76 also added additional perk cards to make the game even better.


    After you load in, first take off your bright blue clothes until you find the real armor. Blue clothes will make you more visible. In the early stage, it is a good choice to try not to be noticed.

    Learn to manage your inventory quickly. By default, you will have a carrying capacity of 75, so when you encounter a better version, swap and discard weapons and armor. If you don’t have enough ammo and stimpacks, target the mobs controlled by the NPC. They will drop a lot of good things, just make sure that no one attacks you from the side.

    Share wealth. Because this is a team game, it is important to distribute ammo and health items to ensure everyone having a chance to fight. Teamwork and tactics will win most battles in twitch reflexes.

    Prioritize a person who can lockpick and a person who can hack on your team. The areas opened by lockpicking have better loot than you can find in the open, and the hacking can do some very useful things, it can show all other players on the map for one minute, give a stimpack, weapon, or even a nuke keycard.

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