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News Tag: New Data Center

  • FFXIV Will Be Back On Sale On January 25

    Posted: Jan 17, 2022

    FFXIV's FOMO is drawing to a close. And the game's director said Square Enix will resume FFXIV for digital sales on January 25. IGGM learned more details about it.

    FFXIV became so popular with the release of its latest expansion, Endwalker, that thousands of people lined up to log into the game's servers, taking hours to get into the game. Square Enix suspended sales of the digital version of the game in December because the servers were so overcrowded that it even affected the players’ gaming experience.

    As more players progress through the content, server congestion is finally starting to ease, so game sales will resume as well. The producer said that a free trial of FFXIV's meme isn't currently available, but it will return in the future.

    And, the announcement also includes the addition of a new Oceania data center, which will provide more options for players in Australia and New Zealand who are usually playing on Japanese servers or suffered high ping to connect to American ones.

    The new data center will go live on January 25, and to encourage players to move there, Square Enix is waiving the usual $18 world transfer fee. If you are interested in FFXIV, you can join it on the 25th, and to immerse yourself in the game faster, you can come to IGGM to buy FFXIV Gil. Note, be sure to select the correct server so that Gil is available.

    In addition to a new data center, existing data centers in Europe, Japan, and North America are also being expanded. For now, the global chip shortage is why Square Enix can't deploy more servers to address the congestion. Also, a roadmap has been released as to when these expansions will take place, with the first phase set to begin this summer.

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