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News Tag: Float Items

  • FFXIV Guide: How To Float Items?

    Posted: Feb 18, 2021

    If you already own a house in FFXIV, you can now consider decorating it. The game's default editor is good enough, but recently some players have discovered a cooler way - ways to glitch furniture and float items. So if you are interested in stepping up the house game, then you can learn how to float.

    Floating items refer to placing items in the air instead of letting the house editor go. And the housing community has adopted "float" to a large extent.

    To float Tabletop Items

    Floating tabletop items is easy to learn. First, you need to obtain an item that resembles a tabletop surface. Then the actual tabletop item will be floated. When you have placed your item where you want it to float in the air, just uncheck "Toggle counter surface placement on/off", and left click to get your item, and then right-click to release the item. It will return to its original position, and now your items should be floating.

    To float Large Items

    Compared to the previous items, this one is a bit trickier. You need to prepare the following things first:

    • 1-Riviera Wall Shelf
    • 1-Stage Panel/Partition
    • The item you want to float

    The basic idea behind floating is that you want to place furniture and you want to float on a counter surface, so it will snap to the grid. Whenever the surface of the counter is a few inches higher, the item you want to float should go with it. You can use your Riviera Wall Shelf and Stage Panel to float the Used Banquet Table into the air.

    First, locate the orange circle in the item that you want to float that appears when the item is selected. Think of this as the hitbox for your items. Line up this orange circle so that the middle of it can be hit by your Riviera Wall Shelf.

    You can hover the Riviera Wall Shelf over the Used Banquet Table and place it on the Stage Panel with a left-click, and then hit escape immediately after the item rises into the air.

    This is the method of floating items in FFXIV. If you have a house in the game, you can learn this method, which may help you improve your gameplay.

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