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  • FFXIV: Attention! Make It Rain Seasonal Event Is Back

    Oct 22, 2020

    Final Fantasy XIV's Make It Rain season event got back on October 21.

    The Make It Rain event is a special event that occurs at a specific time each year. In the Make It Rain event, you can become an adventurer and get unique rewards by completing a series of quests.

    Since 2017, during this event, it will provide a 50% increase to MGP (Manderville Gold Saucer). You can use them to buy discounted items, such as furniture and fashion accessories. In FFXIV, you can also use MGP to buy some hard-to-get mounts. For example, the Archon Throne is worth 750,000 MGP, the Sabotender Emperor is worth 2 million MGP. So, if you have been accumulating MGP, this event is a good time to make more MGP, so don't miss it.

    And this year's event has a spooky turn, because Continental Circus will send a representative to the Gold Saucer. You can find Genial Guiser's NPC and accept their invitation to go to Haunted Manor masquerade. In addition, as part of the latest free login event, players who are taking a break from the adventure are encouraged to return to Eorzea.

    From October 21 to November 23, you can enjoy up to 96 hours of free game time, so for many players, you have enough time to earn MGP.

    Due to the epidemic, Square Enix carried out very few events. Currently, there are only the anniversary celebration, the Moonfire Faire summer event, and the Yo-kai Watch: Gather One, Gather All collaboration. At present, we don't know whether the Halloween-themed event will return. IGGM will continue to pay attention to the latest news of FFXIV. If there is more content, we will update the article in time.

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  • FFXIV Guide: Wanna Get A Cool Mount? Here Is The Way To Get The Gabriel Alpha Mount

    Oct 16, 2020

    Patch 5.35 of Final Fantasy XIV has been launched. Players should also know that a new area has appeared in it, named Bozjan Southern Front. It is not the same as other areas in FFXIV, and it provides players with a novel way of doing combats from level 70 up to level 80, this is different from only running repeatedly in the same dungeon in the past. Also, there are more updates that have attracted the attention of players, and that is the Gabriel Alpha mount.

    How to get the Gabriel Alpha Mount

    First, you need to reach Gangos, because to enter Bozjan Southern Front, you need to enter from Gangos. After reaching Bozjan Southern Front, you will encounter various enemies and go through some combats, which will increase your Resistance rank. When you are doing these encounters, you have a chance to get Bozjan Southern Lockboxes. If you have ever obtained trimmed sacks in Palace of Dead, then you should have a general understanding of the role of this Lockboxes.

    Once you get a Lockbox, you need to go back to Bozjan Southern Front's first aetheryte and find the Resistance Locksmith NPC. After talking to him, you will be able to open all your lockboxes. If you are lucky enough, you may also get the Gabriel Alpha Identification Key item.

    When you get it, you can find it in your inventory and then you can use it. In this way, the Gabriel Alpha mount will be automatically added as your mount. It is a flying mount. However, it is also an extremely rare item, and you may need to farm the encounters for a while in this area.

    If you want to increase your probabilities of getting a lockbox, you can wait for the Skirmishes and Critical Engagements in this area, and then participate in them! This can also help you gain Mettle, and can also help you increase your Resistance rank and Bozjan Clusters. You can use it to exchange other items and rewards with the Resistance Quartermaster.

    You can also make your character reach the upper limit of level 80 by farming in this place, so this place is worth your time. And you will also get a cool mount, why not try it?

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  • FFXIV Gets New Screenshots Showing Update 5.35

    Oct 09, 2020

    Square Enix released a gallery of screenshots of the upcoming update of Final Fantasy XIV 5.35. Although this update will not be a quarterly update, it is also a considerable update. It focuses on the Bozjan Southern Front battlefield feature.

    The Bozjan Southern Front

    When the Empire first invaded Bozja, Alermuc Fortress was established in the south of Bozja, and this location was chosen as its natural defense. This seemingly indestructible stronghold fell and has since been known under the Garlean name Castrum Lacus Litore. Encouraged by the rebirth of Gunnhild's Blades, the Bozyan Resistance has started Operation Eagle's Nest, trying to regain this most necessary foothold in the southern front.

    Skysteel Tools Upgrade

    Neillemrd and his unflappable team of engineers at the manufactory believe that they have identified a process by which Skysteel Tools might be made to sing as never before - but they'll need craft and gather expertise to complete the work.

    We also get to see a spiffy flying mecha mount, and we will be able to obtain by enjoying the update's content.

    Update 5.35 will be released on October 13.

    In the next few days, IGGM will pay close attention to the latest news of FFXIV.

    The new update will of course usher in even greater challenges. If you want to get through some difficulties smoothly in FFXIV, the best way is with the help of FFXIV Gil, you can use it to buy some better equipment. If you don't want to spend much time in the game on farming FFXIV Gil, then IGGM will be a safe place to buy FFXIV Gil. If you are a new customer and still skeptical, then you can start the first try with a small amount of money, it will not let you down.

  • FFXIV Heavensward: How To Get The Best Equipment?

    Sep 05, 2020

    The extended free trial and the supplementary first expansion make FFXIV even more popular. Patch 5.3 provides new storyline quests, including a closer look at the Dwarven Beast Tribe. This update also brings flying mounts to Eorzea, which leads to changes in the content of the previous jumping puzzles. Players will be surprised to find that they have a new job when they reach level 60. Regardless of their experience, a fully geared character can make it easier for them to start the Stormblood dungeon.

    Acquired Items In FFXIV

    Some level 60 items will be distributed as rewards and prizes. After Stormblood was released, some options were updated to include Samurai and Red Mage weapons, but this does not apply to Gunbreakers or Dancers.

    Main Story

    Players that go through the main scenario quests introduced in patch 3.2 The Gears of Change will have the opportunity to select item level 240 Augmented Primal equipment as rewards. These are divided into six coffer sets: The first contains weapons for tanks or Samurai; the second between Monk, Dragoon, Ninja, or Paladin's shield; the fourth among Bard, Machinist, Black Mage, or Summoner; the fourth is weapons for healers or Red Mage. For the first armor set options are for tanks, Dragoons, Ninjas, or Monk/Samurai. The final armor selection is among casters, rangers, and healers.

    Filibuster's Dungeons

    There are two dungeons that both drop item level 245 Filibuster's armor. Sohm Al (Hard) can be unlocked from the quest The Fires of Somh Al by Gossamer Moogle in Idyllshire x:4, Y:8.5. Baelsar's Wall requires completing the main story quest Griffin, Griffin on the Wall from patch 3.5 and leads to Stormblood. Each dungeon has 7 chests scattered around the area or dropped by bosses.

    Anima Relics

    Like A Realm Reborn, the expansion features its own type of Relic ranging from item level 170 Animated to 275 Lux weapons. This will start with the quest An Unexpected Proposal from Rowena in Idyllshire. The upgrade includes a long list of goals that can include FATEs, destroying a Zodiac Zeta, completing quests of the Beast Tribe, Alexander raids, repeating the Crystal Tower, running the daily roulettes, and revisiting dungeons and trial crossing A Realm Reborn And Heavensward.

    Warring Triad

    Players can meet with Unukalhai via the quest Gods of Eld from Torsefers in the Pillars. After completing patch 3.1, there will be a follow-up quest When the Bough Wakes from Unukalhai. This will pit one against the Warring Triad from Final Fantasy VI. The standard trials don't give any special rewards but will grant access to Extreme variants with weapon drops. Sephirot has item level 220 Sephirot weapons, Sophia with item level 255 Sophic weapons, and Zurvan with item level 265 Zurvanite weapons. Totems will also drop, which can be traded to Bertana in Idyllshire for specific rewards.


    Alexander is an 8-man raids series, unlocked from the quest Disarmed from Slowfix in Ldyllshire. Players can first enter the normal difficulty of Gordias, Midas and The Creator. These dropped tarnished parts can be traded to Sabina in Idyllshire for Prototype gear of item level 190, 220, 250. Each layer has a Savage difficulty, the hardest content is in Heavensward. Rewards include versions of Gordian, Midan and Alexandrian armor at items level 210, 240 and 270.

    Mhachi and Proto Ultima

    Heavensward's 24-man raid is about the voidsent Mhachi society featured in the Black Mage and White Mage questlines. The first part can be unlocked from the quest Sky Pirates given by Unquiet Trader in The Pillars Airship Landing. These quests will unlock Void Ark with item level 200 Void Ark armor, The Weeping City of Mhach plus item level 230 Yafaemi, finally Dun Scaith and item level 260 Diabolic gear.

    After completing Dun Scaith the first time, players can undergo the repeatable quest Unidentified Flying Object from Slipslix in Idyllshire. By defeating Proto Ultima mini-boss in Dun Scaith, players can earn item level 270 Proto Ultima accessories. Patch 5.3 removed the previous weekly restriction on this quest.

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