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News Tag: Final Fantasy 14

  • FFXIV: How To Level From 1 To 90? - Leveling Guide

    Posted: Jun 30, 2023

    Welcome to my quick guide about leveling in Final Fantasy 14. But regardless of each best method of leveling, variety is key and not getting bored while leveling. All jobs in particular are the way to go and the absolute first rule, which means not leveling because you’re lacking the motivation is always worse than leveling unoptimally. 

    Leveling Bonuses

    First of all, let’s talk about leveling bonuses that are a massive boost to your overall leveling speed. The more you have, the faster you go. 

    The first and biggest bonus is a boosted server bonus. So, if you’re not concerned about starting on one particular server or data center where nearly each data center offers at least one boosted server, this bonus is massive. When you use it, basically all leveling grinds are easy and fast. And, you won’t run into any leveling block or caps from the main scenario quest.

    The second biggest boost is received upon having your main job or any job or class at least one level ahead of the job or class you’re going to level, which is kinda relevant for all job leveling only. But for that case, leading to a massive 100 so-called Armory Bonus for all exp rewards possible. This bonus is reduced to 50 later, but works as a significant way to increase leveling speed. Because you’re lacking the main scenario quest experience points. 

    So, if you want to change your main job later because you don’t like the first choice you made, Square Enix got you covered with this bonus as well as all the jobs you level in consecution to the first. If you still have access to any pre-order earrings, definitely use those as well as they boost your exp gain in some stats, too.

    Apart from that, you can join a free company with access to free company actions like Heat of Battle. That will increase your killing exp gains by up to 15% as well or you could let your Squadron do missions to receive Squadron Battle Manuals that don’t stack with the free company buff but are a solid 20 uplift.

    When you already have reached level 15 with any fighting class or job, you could also take part in the Hall of the Novice feature that you can enter by talking to an NPC next to an Innkeeper in major cities that will let you participate in a series of tries for beginners where you learn all the games basics. But we are here for the rewards, featuring the brand new ring that will grant you another 30% kill exp bonus until level 30, but also some useful stats to push your overall power level.

    If you’re blessed with lots of friends starting Final Fantasy 14, you can recruit them to gain access to the Friendship Circlet. But you should not spend too much time on this item as the process inside the mock station to actually get it could take you longer than leveling these 25 levels.

    But of course, if you’re planning to level more jobs, go for it.

    And though it may sound gimmicky, don’t underestimate the basic three percent buff to kill exp received out of any food. You can get just buy out a 99 stack of boiled eggs by using your FFXIV Gil and you can basically have 3% more exp all the time.

    Rested Bonus. While this grants an astonishing 50 boost to exp’s earned, you will eat this up in no time but still being received upon not playing the game. You can always get a slight push by sticking with a healthy sleeping schedule and continue leveling on another day. Just be AFK in Limsa or leave the game in city areas and this will fail automatically.

    Levels 1-20

    For 1 to 20, if you’re on your first character, keep pushing the main scenario quest. It will have you covered under till you reach endgame as long as you do the one or the other side activity.

    For all jobs due to the Armory Exp Bonus, just go out into the field and do your Hunting Log targets, which will bring you to level 20 very quickly and, if you see a Fate on the way to that as well.

    As soon as you’re granted access to dungeons, make sure to hit the ‘Q’ button and keep grinding dungeons up until you reach level 61 where a new method comes into play.

    In the meantime, just keep doing Fates, levequests, and progress further with your Hunting Log, whose leveling benefits decrease with higher levels. If you already unlocked Squadron Command Missions, just keep grinding these instead, as they can be massively empowered in time of using them on missions and they deal tons of damage, sometimes more than players.

    But remember, unlocking your squad takes a while and a good amount of invested play time. As an alternative, you can also go for Palace of the Dead. But the more leveling bonuses you have, the better are dungeons. 

    Levels 26-36

    For levels 26 to 36, there’s a very special levequest called Adamantoise Tears in Camp Tranquil.

    Check this out if you have Levequest allowances to spare as this is a massive boost to your leveling speed on this level range or remember to do your job quest at the level you’re getting them. Because you need to complete those anyway later on and why giving away free exp, right? 

    Stormblood Levels 

    Coming to 61, a new version of Palace of the Dead will be available. That is called Heaven-on-High.

    While technically similar, it offers more experience points than some other differences and you should try it out for a good alternative to Stormblood Dungeons

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    Shadowbringers Levels

    On 71, reach the Shadowbringers leveling range. I highly recommend throwing these tribe dailies into the mix as they are done in about 3 minutes and provide tons of exp on top.

    You could start those in Stormblood already. But Pixies are much faster than my opinion in the same way as the Endwalker Beast Tribes quests are. Also, the Bozjan Southern Front will be introduced for those having unlocked the Shadowbringers relic content or plan to get the relic in the process. This being a very nice leveling method if you know how to handle encounters in there. 

    Dungeons are still the way to go here and the new trust parties are nice. But I do recommend grinding down Fates or Overworld content while just being cute up for dungeons normally. Just use Trust, if ‘Q’ times are miserable.

    Endwalker Levels

    In the Endwalker leveling ranges, the formula doesn’t change dungeons are top priority.

    But I highly advise doing the Beast Tribes in the process. And as Fates are much more profitable than before, just grind those during queue times as they also did enhance the rewards for the Fates, which means they have a little of endgame relevance to incentivize endgame players to do them with you.

    Dailies & Weeklies

    Last but absolutely not least, your weekly and daily stuff.

    Do everything inside your Duty Roulette, especially the leveling and Alliance rate as well as MSQ roulette, once you have them unlocked. 

    My rule of thumb is to do them every time you feel waiting times are too long or the dungeon you have on your exact level is too boring or just too tough to grind it comfortably. 

    Weekly bonuses are even more important as you can literally level without actively doing anything except endgame content, especially when grabbing the Wondrous Tails from Khloe Aliapoh.

  • Final Fantasy 14: Some Players Can Get Stormblood Expansion For Free

    Posted: Mar 29, 2023

    Recently, new Final Fantasy 14 players can continue their adventures in Eorzea region by receiving a free limited-time expansion on almost all platforms. As soon as this news came out, it aroused heated discussions among players in the community.

    The developers of Final Fantasy 14 also explained the matter and said that they are preparing new updates according to the roadmap. Players will be able to see it in the near future.

    During this period, Final Fantasy 14 also upgraded some important servers in North American data centers. The main purpose is to change the way the game works, so that Final Fantasy 14 can ensure that the servers can still function normally when players flood in the future.

    The server upgrade and maintenance time will be scheduled from April 3rd to April 4th, and will last for 24 hours. At the same time, they will release together it with the new patch 6.38. Although it is not clear what specific impact this server update will have on players. But a recent piece of news about Final Fantasy 14 Starter Edition has caught the attention of many new players.

    Final Fantasy 14’s second expansion, Stormblood, will be available for free until May 8 to players who have acquired the Final Fantasy 14 Starter Edition on any platform. But this promotion is not applicable to old players who already have Endwalker or new players who are just in the free trial period. Among them, is to include the previously accessible extensions.

    Stormblood expansion was first officially released in June 2017. In Stormblood expansion, players can start adventures in Gyr Abania and Far East. At the same time, players can also play the roles of Samurai and Red Mage, rebelling against the dark reign of Garlean Empire.

    Stormblood also brings players a new character, Zenos, one of the most iconic villains in Final Fantasy series. Its main mission throughout Stormblood expansion is to fight Warrior of Light.

    Although there have been many Final Fantasy 14 players who have had significant differences because of the main storyline of Stormblood before, there have been quite a few conflicts.

    However, it is undeniable that there are also some impressive dungeon missions in Stormblood. Whether it is vibrant Shisui of Violet Tides or smoky Doma Castle, players have left many unforgettable memories here.

    And many stories in Stormblood can still provide new inspiration for the update of Final Fantasy 14. We believe that in this updated patch, players can experience more new content, including “Return to Ivalice” alliance raid series, part that Final Fantasy 12 and Final Fantasy Tactics players can participate in.

    During this update, in addition to the free Stormblood upgrade, new players can also participate in the limited-time free login event of the return of Final Fantasy 14. Returning players can once again experience the four days of free play until May 8th. And you can get rich rewards, including some rare items that can improve equipment and some FF14 Gil.

    With the participation of new players and the return of old players, I believe this year’s update of the new expansion of Final Fantasy 14 will be another grand event. If you are also interested, don’t forget to participate in time!

  • Final Fantasy 14: How Rookie Completes Labyrinth Of The Ancients Quest?

    Posted: Mar 22, 2023

    The Raid mission, the player’s first challenge in Final Fantasy 14, is to breach the Crystal Tower, enter the dungeon and discover its secrets. To do this, the first thing you need to do is travel through the Labyrinth Of The Ancients.

    The following is all the information about this Labyrinth Of The Ancients mission, mainly including the attack mechanism of each boss.

    Bone Dragon

    The first boss the player encounters in Labyrinth Of The Ancients is Bone Dragon. In fact, it is not difficult to defeat Bone Dragon, but they will resurrect repeatedly it, but in the process, he will not have any powerful attacks.

    Just be aware that Platinals may suddenly appear to attack the player during the battle. After they die, their bones will stay in place, and the Platinals will explode upon encountering the corpse, damaging all players present.

    If enough Platinals explode, you can even die from massive damage. To avoid this, you should get those Platinals off Bone Dragon early on. That way, when Bone Dragon revives, you’ll have enough time to avoid Platinals exploding when they encounter its corpse. Repeat the entire process a few more times and you’ll be able to kill Bone Dragon.


    The second boss in Labyrinth Of The Ancients is actually a group of Atomos. It will be difficult for the player to attack them at first, since a barrier will protect Atomos. To remove this barrier, four players must go to the arena entrance panel. Therefore, it takes the joint efforts of the three Alliances to lower the barrier to killing Atomos.

    After the players kill Atomos, they need to wait for Alliances to complete the task together. But remember to stay on the panel until all Alliances complete the mission.


    The third boss in Labyrinth Of The Ancients is Thanatos. Before the battle begins, Magic Pots around the arena grant Alliances Astral Realignment Buff. This buff will greatly reduce the damage the player suffers in the later stage.

    At the same time, you can also use this Buff to defeat the ghost-like boss, Thanatos. You don’t need to worry here, you just need to have the basic equipment.

    Allagan Bomb

    Allagan Bomb is the fourth boss you’ll encounter in Labyrinth Of The Ancients. In battle, each Alliance will encounter a Vassago. Each player can use the tank to lead Vassago to the edge of the arena, preventing it from attacking other players. Allagan Bomb also becomes extremely vulnerable when players kill all three Vassagos, which you can easily take out.

    King Behemoth

    The fifth boss you’ll encounter will be King Behemoth. A green marker will lock players throughout the battle, and Comet will randomly drop at the positions of these markers, causing tremendous damage to the player.

    King Behemoth will also use these Ecliptic Meteors to attack players. Players can avoid this attack by simply standing behind a comet until Ecliptic Meteor explodes.


    The ultimate boss the player encounters is Phlegethon. This boss has several telegraphed AoE attacks that players can easily dodge. But when Phlegethon has 50% health left, he unleashes an Ancient Flare in the center of the arena, an attack that does enough damage to kill all players at once.

    It also reactivated this attack when Phlegethon has 10% of health remaining. Some players may choose to try to kill Phlegethon before it uses Ancient Flare, but this is also a tremendous risk. They commit if not all players enough, everyone dies. You need to take your chances beforehand to ensure you have enough time to kill Phlegethon.

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    The above are all the bosses of Labyrinth Of The Ancients. Defeat them and you can successfully complete the task. Don’t forget to take your loot. There will be rich points FF14 Gil and rare items to upgrade equipment. Try it out now.

  • Final Fantasy 14: Why The Classes Mechanism Can Always Attract Players?

    Posted: Mar 18, 2023

    The choice of different classes has always been the major attraction of MMORPG players. Players can find characters that match their play style. Whether it’s the brave Knight or the sinister Necromancer. Final Fantasy 14 has gone through decades of changing times, and there are still many different types of careers to try.

    Many classes of Final Fantasy 14 have exemplary significance, which is why it can endure for a long time under the competition of many games of the same type in MMORPG.

    Final Fantasy 14 handles classes differently than any other game. Therefore, many MMORPGs use Final Fantasy 14’s class operation mechanism as a source of inspiration.

    Each class in Final Fantasy 14 has its own suitable role, whether it is Damage Dealer, Healer or Tank. Also, they will have some specific skills to help their characters.

    Although some players who are used to using different character builds and skills will not like this design. But this will indeed help developers create a relatively stable class operation mechanism.

    Each class has a different skin, which is a test of the designer’s aesthetics, which is especially important for MMORPGs like Final Fantasy 14 that use fashion as a label.

    In games like Elder Scrolls Online, healers and tanks have mostly similar skills, so their skins look similar. But in Final Fantasy 14, although there are many Healers classes, their skins look different.

    For example, White Mage, as an ordinary healer, uses staff to cast light-themed spells. Astrologian, on the other hand, uses constellations and tarot card-themed abilities to heal or buff his teammates. Some melee players may appreciate Samurai who is used to sword slashes and katana techniques. There is also Dragoon, who usually jumps quickly before a fight, attacking the enemy with a spear in the air.

    Every class in Final Fantasy 14 has its own unique aesthetic, and even the same character can feel different. If you also want to try these classes, you can use enough FF14 Gil to unlock them to help you get a different gaming experience.

    Because Final Fantasy 14 is part of a long-term change process, many of its classes use previous characters as references. Like Dragoon, which was first released in Final Fantasy 2 in 1988, its ability will remind many players of the very annoying “Jump” attack of the past. Of course, Dragoon is just one of them.

    A very important feature in Final Fantasy 14 is its ability to handle or replace characters reasonably. In most MMORPGs, players must recreate a new character in order to try a new class.

    But in Final Fantasy 14, players can switch characters at will anywhere except in the physical location of a dungeon or raid. As long as the player has passed the professional mission and successfully unlocked the class, the player can use it at any time.

    At the same time, these occupations basically do not appear repeatedly on other levels, so every time a player uses a new character, it is equivalent to restarting the game. But this will save players from having to create multiple characters at once and start the main Final Fantasy 14 quest from scratch.

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    As demonstrated by the new classes Sage and Reaper in Final Fantasy 14, Square Enix still knows and keeps making all classes unique. Sage and Reaper also gave all Final Fantasy 14 players new gameplay and a different aesthetic.

  • FFXIV: Patch 6.11a brings balance adjustments to PvP action functionality

    Posted: May 25, 2022

    The PvP mode has been a highlight for Final Fantasy 14 players. Currently, it includes three PvP Duties: Frontline, Rival Wings and the latest Crystal Conflict. Each type of PvP has unique competitive mechanics and rewards, and players can form their teams to participate in the battle.

    Judging from the new PvP project: Crystalline Conflict, which was released in Patch 6.1 last month, players are as enthusiastic about PvP in FF14 as ever. To bring more team strategy fun to players, Square Enix has brought the Patch 6.11a after analyzing the usage rate and win rate of each class, which contains a series of Action adjustments to balance the abilities of the class.

    This adjustment is mainly aimed at Jobs of Magical Ranged DPS and Physical Ranged DPS. At the same time, Gunbreaker, one of Tank Jobs, has been enhanced, and the healing effect of Astroogian in Healer has been adjusted. As the class with the most adjustments this time around, Black Mage's actions have been enhanced overall: Fire IV, Flare, Blizzard IV, and other classes have all had their cast time shortened, and their effect duration and damage increased.

    Overall, this PvP adjustment does not add new content, but rather enhances the above-mentioned professional skills and survivability to make the entire professional system more balanced, and players' choices will be more diverse.

    There are also changes to the Crystalline Conflict rules. Now, Crystal tier players can be matched with Diamond 3 (with 1 Rising Star) or higher players. In addition, the patch also previews future feature updates, new custom deliveries, Arkasodara tribal quests, and Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures will be launched in a future Patch 6.15.

    Picking a suitable class and builds is the key to leading a PvP team to victory, and strengthening cannot be done without farming. If you are troubled by this, IGGM will be your right-hand man. We will provide you with FFXIV Gil for sale to help you improve faster in a limited time. Meanwhile, you can also follow us for the latest news.

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