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Final Fantasy 14: Why The Classes Mechanism Can Always Attract Players?

Posted: Mar 18, 2023

The choice of different classes has always been the major attraction of MMORPG players. Players can find characters that match their play style. Whether it’s the brave Knight or the sinister Necromancer. Final Fantasy 14 has gone through decades of changing times, and there are still many different types of careers to try.

Many classes of Final Fantasy 14 have exemplary significance, which is why it can endure for a long time under the competition of many games of the same type in MMORPG.

Final Fantasy 14 handles classes differently than any other game. Therefore, many MMORPGs use Final Fantasy 14’s class operation mechanism as a source of inspiration.

Each class in Final Fantasy 14 has its own suitable role, whether it is Damage Dealer, Healer or Tank. Also, they will have some specific skills to help their characters.

the best Final Fantasy XIV to choose

Although some players who are used to using different character builds and skills will not like this design. But this will indeed help developers create a relatively stable class operation mechanism.

Each class has a different skin, which is a test of the designer’s aesthetics, which is especially important for MMORPGs like Final Fantasy 14 that use fashion as a label.

In games like Elder Scrolls Online, healers and tanks have mostly similar skills, so their skins look similar. But in Final Fantasy 14, although there are many Healers classes, their skins look different.

For example, White Mage, as an ordinary healer, uses staff to cast light-themed spells. Astrologian, on the other hand, uses constellations and tarot card-themed abilities to heal or buff his teammates. Some melee players may appreciate Samurai who is used to sword slashes and katana techniques. There is also Dragoon, who usually jumps quickly before a fight, attacking the enemy with a spear in the air.

Every class in Final Fantasy 14 has its own unique aesthetic, and even the same character can feel different. If you also want to try these classes, you can use enough FF14 Gil to unlock them to help you get a different gaming experience.

Because Final Fantasy 14 is part of a long-term change process, many of its classes use previous characters as references. Like Dragoon, which was first released in Final Fantasy 2 in 1988, its ability will remind many players of the very annoying “Jump” attack of the past. Of course, Dragoon is just one of them.

FFXIV What Class Should You Play

A very important feature in Final Fantasy 14 is its ability to handle or replace characters reasonably. In most MMORPGs, players must recreate a new character in order to try a new class.

But in Final Fantasy 14, players can switch characters at will anywhere except in the physical location of a dungeon or raid. As long as the player has passed the professional mission and successfully unlocked the class, the player can use it at any time.

At the same time, these occupations basically do not appear repeatedly on other levels, so every time a player uses a new character, it is equivalent to restarting the game. But this will save players from having to create multiple characters at once and start the main Final Fantasy 14 quest from scratch.

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As demonstrated by the new classes Sage and Reaper in Final Fantasy 14, Square Enix still knows and keeps making all classes unique. Sage and Reaper also gave all Final Fantasy 14 players new gameplay and a different aesthetic.


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