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Final Fantasy 14: Square Enix FanFest Ticket Handling Sparks Controversy

Posted: Mar 16, 2023

Posted: Mar 16, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Final Fantasy 14 recently held a FanFest event in Las Vegas. Just the other day Final Fantasy 14 held a sweepstake for existing take part players.

Players can use FF14 Gil to exchange for up to two tickets during this event. This also caused the tickets for this event to be sold out soon. Some players who want to take part in this FanFest event can only miss the opportunity.

During the release of Final Fantasy 14’s patch 6.35, players also discovered some new content in this Hildibrand Quest series.

After the sweepstakes ended, Square Enix emailed some of the selected players. They can redeem up to two tickets to this FanFest event in Las Vegas this July. Most players quickly exchanged tickets at the window after receiving the notification, so the thousands of tickets that Square Enix had left today will soon be gone.

42 minutes after the sweepstakes ended, Final Fantasy 14 and its developers said they were out of all remaining tickets for this FanFest event. Although some players still have the opportunity to exchange tickets at the window, most players are angry at the way FanFest tickets such as Square Enix are distributed.

Fan Festival 2023 in Las Vegas Ticket

At the beginning, Square Enix had promised players that tickets would be distributed to everyone on a first-come, first-served basis. But in this FanFest ticket window, in order to effectively prevent scalpers or bots from grabbing tickets, Square Enix specially used today’s lottery to randomly disrupt the positions of some potential queue players a few minutes before the window opened.

Although Square Enix did this to allow more actual players of Final Fantasy 14 to grab tickets, it backfired. This approach has not been understood by the players and has also caused dissatisfaction among many players.

The recent controversy of Square Enix has not stopped. Not only because some players were angry with Square Enix’s FanFest ticket distribution method, but also that Lalafell Lifter added in patch 6.35 in Final Fantasy 14 was also criticized by many players.

Not only that, but other players have publicly criticized Square Enix in the community for not only ticket issues but also the venue for this FanFest event at this Las Vegas Convention Center is still undecided.

Mainly because this FanFest event is held in conjunction with two other events, but it is unclear how much space is currently available at this Las Vegas Convention Center. This situation has also worried many players. But these circumstances did not appease the anger of players who did not get FanFest tickets.

Nevertheless, the developers of Final Fantasy 14 have also made timely adjustments to these problems. Some players who want to ask questions about this FanFest event or the upcoming Final Fantasy 14 update may have the opportunity soon.

Next weekend, Final Fantasy 14 production director Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida will be holding a presentation at PAX East. During the meeting, Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida will answer some player questions, including this FanFest ticket solving issues. It also requested all Final Fantasy 14 players to wait patiently, and hope that players can see a satisfactory processing result.


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