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Final Fantasy 14: Player Displeasure With Lalafell Lifter

Posted: Mar 13, 2023

Posted: Mar 13, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Some Final Fantasy 14 players are unhappy with the recent addition of “a chair for Lalafell characters” to the game. NPCs that appear in this part of the content are some short characters, which look very similar to Tarutaru in Final Fantasy 14, but are slightly taller than Tarutaru. 

And Tarutaru is the dwarf race in Final Fantasy 14. They are usually small in stature and have long ears. Also dubbed by Square Enix as a race with “childlike countenance.”

Nevertheless, this approach was indeed understandable by players at the beginning. Most of the furniture in Final Fantasy 14 from ten years ago was not suitable for use by characters such as Lalafell of the dwarf race, and was generally designed after most other playable characters in Final Fantasy 14. 

Although this kind of insignificant problem is easily overlooked by developers in general. However, when players start to decorate their personal homes, this becomes an issue that needs to be taken seriously. Because decorations for everything from beds to musical instruments to plants will no longer be available for Lalafell.

Therefore, it has been a long-term demand of Lalafell players to want furniture that suits their figure. Fortunately, Square Enix has addressed this issue to some extent in Final Fantasy 14’s latest patch 6.35

FFXIV Lalafell Lifter Low Table and Discussion

But this new Lalafell Lifter is a custom-made chair for smaller characters, and it described Lalafell Lifter as “whether tired of feeling left out in conversation or out of reach of the edge of the table.” Especially Lalafell Lifter’s extended stool legs and shortened backrest. These problems seriously offended some players and caused dissatisfaction among players.

Many Final Fantasy 14 players with Lalafell characters have protested the existence of Lalafell Lifter on the official Square Enix forums or other social media. Players said that this Lalafell Lifter has a strong “insulting.”

Ironically, Lalafell Lifter is more like a toddler’s high stool than a decent seat. Especially the red and white color scheme of Lalafell Lifter makes people feel that they design this decoration for children. 

According to forum user Pyshiro, Final Fantasy 14 has decent, mature furniture that fits the size of Lalafell, and players can see it when they look at Tomra. Players wanted more Lalafell appropriate decorations to decorate their houses, instead they received a child seat that looked out of place in their room. This approach by Square Enix also disappointed many players.

For some players who own Lalafell character in Final Fantasy 14, the appearance of Lalafell Lifter will only inexplicably increase their resistance in the game. 

In some forum posts, some players have been mocked by other players in the community for the matter, and have even been called predators because of their character choices. A Final Fantasy 14 player says he’s fed up with the childish attacks and prejudices he receives for his role as Lalafell. 

What’s even worse is that the indifference of another part of the players made this matter worse.

In any case, I hope that Square Enix can understand the dissatisfaction of players, and give timely feedback, so as to provide more suitable furniture for Lalafell players

If you want to get other furniture or decorations, you can also choose to exchange them by getting enough FF14 Gil. I hope you can have a pleasant gaming experience.


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