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  • FFXIV: A Complete Guide To Lord Of Verminion Weekly Challenge Log! - Earn 27k MGP Easily

    Posted: Jul 14, 2023

    Have you been avoiding Lord of Verminion? Then you might miss out on an opportunity to earn lucrative MGP. We could easily do these Challenge Log entries every week in Lord of Verminion, and they can equate to large MGP payouts.

    Whether you want to make the most of “Make it Rain” event, or just want a new Glamor or Minion. If you don’t play Lord of Verminion, you might miss out on some Manderville Gold Saucer events that can easily earn you MGP. This is also where you can trade your Triple Triad Cards with other players to earn FFXIV Gil and clear out your inventory.

    But if you’re like me, and don’t really care about it. I still have a quick, easy, and hassle-free way to help you complete those Challenge Log entries each week. So don’t miss this guide, which covers all the tips and tricks you need to know to take on Lord of Verminion challenge to help you get through it with ease.

    How To Unlock Lord Of Verminion?

    First, we need to note that we can only use Lord of Verminion after unlocking Gold Saucer. It is located inside Chocobo Square. If you want to play the game, then you need at least 3 Minions.

    Before the match starts, you need to select Minions you want to summon using Minions hotbar in Gold Saucer window of the character menu. Once all of this is done, you can officially start the game by clicking on the table.

    Little Big Beast

    The first 3 stages are tutorials on how to play the game. But that’s not what we’re here for, we’re here to earn more FFXIV MGP. Well, you just need to go through them to unlock stage 4, Little Big Beast.

    I’m sure this is the fastest phase to complete weekly Challenge Log entries. The quickest way to complete all Challenge Log entries as quickly as possible is to take as many Malices as possible and kill the beast quickly.

    How To Kill The Beast?

    It’s a monster, so technically Wind-up Minions are the best bet against it instead. But I also know another method from some professional Lord of Verminion players. We’re also very effective against it with Baby Brachiosaur Minions, albeit at a much slower pace.

    If you want to destroy it with as many Minions as possible, you can select them all and click on it. If they get knocked back, select them again and click on him again. You need to follow them around so you can recover in time if they get knocked back. In addition, I want to remind you that you can also press this red button to use skills, because we will most likely forget due to lack of time.


    After we do it 5 times we can get at least 27k MGP, it’s that simple. You can experiment with different Minions and find out which ones do the most damage to enemies, or take down beasts more quickly. But that’s ultimately just a technicality, unless you’re willing to test the process repeatedly, because it’s not fun after all.

    In the end, I wonder how many people are actually playing this game purely for fun, not to earn MGP. How many stages have you gone through? Have you played with other players? In short, I still hope this guide can help you successfully complete Lord of Verminion.

  • FFXIV: How To Earn MGP From Battlehall? - Tips & Tricks

    Posted: Jul 12, 2023

    Are you busy running your favorite dungeon, or got stuck in some gathering and forgot how much room you have left in your inventory? Do you want to get rid of those cards quickly and get back to where you were in no time? Have you ever been to Battlehall? Do you know where you can sell your Triple Triad Cards for MGP? I will tell you what to do.

    All you have to do is access it from your Duty Finder. This is not a place where you are forced to fight other players. Quite the opposite, as I almost always complete tasks alone. And it’s a great way to complete some Challenge Log entries and turn in extra cards quickly.

    How To Enter Battlehall?

    In order to enter Triple Triad Battlehall, you need to complete the task provided by Triple Triad Master in Gold Saucer, Triple Triad Trial. After that, if you open “Duty Finder” window and switch to “Gold Saucer” Duty bar, you will see “Battlehall” at the top.

    When you click it to sign up, you will enter Battlehall. Just like other instance content in the game, if you have Battlehall open on your server, it will drop you into it. Otherwise, you will be placed in a new environment.

    Also Read: Final Fantasy 14: Mogstock 2023 Is Coming Back On July 14-16

    Each instance lasts 4 hours, but you may be in and out long before that. If there are other players in your instance, you can challenge them to a Triple Triad match. But you should note that there is absolutely no obligation for other players to accept. Anyway, you probably came here for other reasons, and so did they.

    Why Enter Battlehall? - Triple Triad Cards

    The first and best reason to go to Battlehall is so we can quickly hand over Triple Triad Cards here. Just click on Triple Triad Trader to access the menu and trade Triple Triad Cards with them. With these cards, you can earn handsome FFXIV Gil from them.

    From here there are two options for exiting Battlehall. The first is if you click on the door exiting Gold Saucer, it will take you to Gold Saucer.

    The second is that if you click on Duty Information in the upper right corner of the screen, it kicks you out of where you entered it. This way, you can get there and back in seconds. And you can also reduce a few cards to reduce the pressure on your inventory in the process.

    Triple Triad’s Weekly Challenge Log

    The second reason for visiting Battlehall every week is because we need to play Triple Triad’s weekly Challenge Log entry there. Any NPCs you see there will count towards the challenge log.

    You only need to play 5 games and win 3 games each week to get a base reward of 5,500 FFXIV MGP. These NPCs may be a little harder than NPCs in Gold Saucer. However, if you’re looking for your favorite NPC every week, this is one you can’t miss.

    A quick trip to Gold Saucer won’t take your drudgery away. That, combined with a few simple tasks that can earn you MGP, makes this a very useful and lucrative trip.

    Have you ever visited Battlehall? If you have, have you seen other players while you were there? Also, if you want to start Chocobo Racing for fun and profit, then don’t miss this guide that will help you get well prepared. As always, hope this guide helps you find more fun in Battlehall. I’ll see you guys in the game!

  • FFXIV: How To Farm MGP In Gold Saucer? - A Full Farming Guide

    Posted: Jun 30, 2023

    Gold Saucer is a place where you can get a lot of rewards in Final Fantasy 14. Including Hairstyles, Mounts, Clothes, Emotes, Minions, Bardings, Accessories, Songs, Furnitures.

    You can get a lot of items out of it, but it takes some work to get FFXIV MGP. But don’t worry, I will teach you all my tricks. This guide can help you easily earn at least 200000 MGP per week.

    A new “Make It Rain” event is coming soon, which increases MGP gain by 50%. If you have Squadrons, I highly recommend sending them on missions to earn Gold Saucer VIP cards. When cleared, you gain 10 and increase your MGP buff by 15% for 2 hours. You can also add Free Company buff “Jackpot II” for an additional 10% buff for 24 hours!

    Basics Of Earning MGP

    Now, there are many ways to earn MGP, but first I’ll cover the general game and give you some valuable tips I’ve learned over the years. I’ll start with the basics.

    I’m going to skip the daily and weekly Cactpot as it’s the most commonly known. However, make sure to have a different number at the end of each week’s Cactpot. This way, the chance of having at least one number correct increases the chance of an additional FFXIV Gil being dropped.

    Gates Events & Other Events

    Then there are Gates Events that happen every 20 minutes. Your best chance of winning is to stand in the southwest corner area, as Typhon hits this area less often than other areas.

    Slice Is Right

    For “Slice is Right,” this Bamboo comes in 3 patterns. Cut in half, it falls front to back. And after being cut into several pieces, it is surrounded by a big AOE.

    When the dog shows up, you can place yourself between two gold piles. You need to catch a dog as fast as possible. If you see a dog coming towards you, move yourself in a safe manner and go grab another one. You then have a 33% chance to lose, keep or win the extra MGP again!

    Then there are 4 Bamboo phases, a little beyond yourself here. Sometimes each Bamboo will fall towards you, so you need to dodge carefully.

    Leap Of Faith

    For Leap of Faith, it’s always on Limsa Lominsa Map when a new moment begins. Maybe you don’t like Sylphstep because it’s harder than the others, but now you know how to avoid it.

    Air Force One

    Then there’s Air Force One. It’s simple. It’s an FPS mini game. If you hit all the targets but not the red ones, you will get 4000 MGP.

    Other Mini-Games

    I won’t cover the others because it’s either too simple or too boring. Cliffhanger jump is well timed and relatively easy. Open Tournament is an RNG game, to see if you get a good card. The game time is 5 minutes. Chocobo Racing is so tough, the weekly challenge log alone is worth it. Also, Lord of Verminion is a bit complicated, at least for me.

    Triple Triad Tournament

    There is also Triple Triad Tournament. Open every two weeks. The best thing you can do is go to Battlehall and do a farm battle with Flichoirel Lordling for the highest score possible. At the end of the week, you’ll have a bunch of MGP even if you’re not a top player.

    3 Tricks To Get Tons Of MGPs With Low Efforts

    Now to the fun part. This trick is how to make over 200,000 MGP per week with almost no effort.

    Weekly Challenge Logs

    The first one relies on Weekly Challenge Logs. You can get up to 68000 MGP, some of which are very simple and stackable. One can be fought by doing Triple Triad cards, and if you do it in Battlehall, you can do them all at once. The other can be obtained by earning 100 MGP from Mini-Games. So you just browse the list and see what you want to do!

    Fashion Report

    The second one is Fashion Report. Every Friday you can reveal yourself to Masked Rose. If the points exceed 80 points, you can get 60,000 MGP! This is relatively easy. When FFXIV Fashion Report is released, the latest Kaiyoko Star posts will appear, complete with a visual guide!

    Wondrous Tails

    The last one is that every week you can pick up a Wondrous Tail from Khloe Aliapoh in Idyllshire. If you successfully get a line, you can claim 30000 MGP. If you succeed 2 lines, you can claim an additional 100000 MGP. If you somehow get 3 lines, you can get an extra 1 million MGP.

    Usually, getting a line is relatively easy, just by re-scrolling. 2 lines is a kind of hard, if you’re lucky you can re-roll it right away. Otherwise you’ll need to re-roll until you’re very close to getting two lines. Hope you’re lucky enough!

    I’ve revealed all the secrets about Gold Saucer to you. I hope you can win a lot of MGP and enjoy a lot of rewards! Have a great day everyone.

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