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News Tag: FC 24 Youth Academy

  • EA FC 24: 7 Tips To Help Your Youth Academy Go To Glory!

    Posted: Jan 12, 2024

    Creating a strong Youth Academy is an effective way to build a solid team for the future in EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode. Essentially, this allows you to scour the world for promising young talent who can help you compete for big titles.

    However, to run Youth Academy successfully and continue to develop such talented football players, several aspects need to come into play. You can check out the 7 tips provided below to build yourself a solid core of players through Youth Academy in Career Mode.

    Hire Best Scouts

    The first step in building a Youth Academy is hiring scouts who can help you find talent in the world. The better the scout, the more likely you are to find talented players.

    In Career Mode, two factors influence good scouting: Experience and Judgment. Scouts with higher experience levels will result in more players being included in the scouting report. Meanwhile, scouts with better judgment will spot better players.

    Therefore, you must focus on finding scouts with at least four stars in two departments, and of course, five stars are the best. However, as quality increases, so does the cost of hiring them, so you’ll need enough FC 24 Coins.

    Switch Player Positions

    Another useful tip is to switch player positions. While it’s not necessary to always swap positions, it makes sense if you find that players playing in original positions have superior stats related to a specific role.

    For example, if you find a player through your scouting report who is a good passer, but he is earmarked for the centre-back position, it would be better to move him to a midfield role. Therefore, you could analyze the different statistics of all FC 24 players and evaluate whether changing their positions will be beneficial to them.

    Develop A Development Plan

    In the meantime, you must create a development plan to accelerate your players’ development in Youth Academy. This will help them grow faster in terms of overall rating in Career Mode.

    With increased growth, they will be ready for the first team sooner. Having said that, it is important to remember that you need to hire excellent coaches in order for your development program to work as well as it should.

    Also, there are various types of development plans and you should choose one that suits your tactical approach and formation. For example, you can apply Mobile Striker development program to your striker to make him a pacey striker in a counter-attacking system.

    Find A Specific Position

    In the process of setting up your Youth Academy, you should remember that it is helpful to specifically look for the position or role you want. There are a lot of players who end up overlooking this, which is why their scouting reports end up featuring a ton of young players.

    While it’s not always a bad thing to look for players in unique positions, you should search specifically for the position you’re looking for. Essentially, there’s no point in looking for a midfielder if you’re already slotted into a specific department.

    Therefore, you should focus on filling the gaps in your squad and specifically look for players to fill the positions where you lack strength.

    Set Player Type

    When you send out your youth staff to find potential players, you can configure several things, one of which is the player type. You can search for different types such as physical, attacker and more, depending on what kind of young man you are looking for.

    So if you are looking for a creative midfielder, you can choose Playmakers type and you will find a player who excels in that aspect. Also, it’s better to try to align types of positions so you get better output.

    Correctly Evaluate Scouting Reports

    While this may be a no-brainer, it is a very important tip for Youth Academy. During a simulated season, you shouldn’t carelessly browse through scouting reports and keep a close eye on the players you spot.

    The most important thing to consider is their overall rating range and their potential rating. Beyond that, you need to assess their value. If the value is reasonable, then you can enroll them in your Youth Academy.

    You can later develop players and use them in your team. Alternatively, you can sell unwanted players to increase your transfer budget.

    Increase Player Game Time

    The last and most crucial point is to promote young players to the first team and provide them with proper game time.

    Keeping them at Youth Academy for a long time will prompt some of them to leave. That’s why you should gradually give them chances to get into the first team.

    If your team is playing at a high level and the youngster isn’t up to par, it would be wise to loan them out. This will again provide the needed exposure and enable that player to grow further.

    By following this guide, you can build a great team in Career Mode and lead your Youth Academy to glory!

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