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News Tag: FC 24 L1 Trigger Runs

  • EA FC 24: How To Make Full Use Of The L1 Button To Trigger Runs?

    Posted: Apr 19, 2024

    The L1 trigger is a mechanism that can be used to control players without the ball, instructing them to manually advance when attacking an opponent. It is one of the most effective mechanics in EA FC 24. So, we are going to look at 3 main effective scenarios where you can use the L1 trigger and create a lot of opportunities.

    How To Perform?

    Before that, let's see how you can perform the L1 trigger. First of all, you have to choose a player you want to send forward. To do so, you point the Left Analog Stick towards that player. Then, you simply tap the L1 or LB, and at then the player will run forward in a straight line.

    But you have to move quickly, especially when pointing the analog towards that player you want to send forward. This is to avoid the game registering a dribbling movement of the ball holder. So, point the analog quickly and tap the L1. But the most important thing is to put in your time and practice first.


    When during the Cutback, sometimes, you dribble down the byline and find yourself with no passing options because these AI players are inactive sometimes. And that's why sometimes we can use the L1 trigger to send one player forward, and this player will run towards the opponent's goal, creating that dangerous passing option, resulting in a goal-scoring opportunity.

    This trick works because a lot of opponents are unaware of it, and normally, they focus on open passing options. The main reason is that many players put their focus on square passes normally because, by default, Strikers tend to distance themselves away from the goal. But you catch your opponent off guard and send that one player towards the byline and outsmart the opponent.

    German Cross

    The second way to use the L1 trigger is to create a German Cross opportunity. We all understand how effective the German Cross is in EA FC 24. It's a long cross from the wing, but almost near the center. But to perform the German Cross effectively, you have to use the L1 trigger and send the ball receiver forward.

    And most of the time, we send that Midfielder. He will move forward without the opponent noticing. This player will be available for that cross, breaking the opponent with just one simple trick - the L1 trigger.

    Create Lob Passes

    Another way to use the L1 trigger is to create a lob through the pass opportunity. There's no easy way to attack in EA FC 24 than using lob through passes. They are so overpowered and difficult to defend. To use the lob through the pass effectively, you have to consider these 2 important tips. One is to choose the ball receiver.

    Here are the recommended FC 24 Players for an effective lob through the pass:

    Strikers: They are good options when trying to use the lob through the pass because you can directly get in behind the opponent's defense and score. If you struggle to understand the best moment to send your Strikers forward for a lob through the pass, this tip is for you. The best scenario is when the opponent is having 3 Defenders.

    Commonly, players tend to use formations with 4 Backs. But if you get that opportunity when the opponent has dragged out one of the back 4 Defenders and is defending with 3 Backs, that's a perfect time to send your Striker forward for a lob through the pass and there's space to utilize. This gives a big challenge to the opponent to defend the lob through the pass.

    Wingers: Getting your Wingers forward is one of the powerful ways to break an organized defense in FC 24. Even if the defense is well-shaped with the back 4, you can break it down and create chances. But to be successful with this, consider this second major tip.

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