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News Tag: Eveli Sharp Arrow

  • ESO: Eveli Sharp-Arrow, The Bosmer Archer Has Been Revealed

    Posted: Feb 24, 2021

    ESO officially introduced Bosmer Archer, Eveli Sharp-Arrow in Orsinium DLC for the first time. With the release of Flame of Ambition next month, which is the first part of ESO’s Gates of Oblivion storyline this year, this talented archer will appear in ESO again.

    The Bosmer was born and grew up in Valenwood, arguably one of the best archers Auditia Lentulus, the former Spymaster to the Longhouse Emperors wrote this. The infinitely curious Eveli is described as someone who "reads every book she can get her hands on" and she can create deadly accuracy with her bow. Auditia described this as an extension of her body.

    Eveli was first introduced to players in the Orsinium DLC. At that time, players had to travel to Wrothgar and act as quest givers and followers in the adventure of the Orc stronghold. She will return to ESO in this year's Oblivion Gate storyline with Lyranth, so you will travel to Blackwood this summer and the Deadlands later this year. At present, this is the general content we can know. As for more details, IGGM will continue to pay attention to the official news of ESO. Once the latest news is announced, IGGM will notify players in time. If you subscribe to IGGM, you will be first able to know.

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