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News Tag: Dungeons

  • FFXIV: We Expect These Improvements In Endwalker

    Posted: Mar 04, 2021

    The next expansion of Final Fantasy XIV - Endwalker will bring the Warriors of Light to Garlemald, completely ending the battle between Hydaelyn and Zodiark. The expansion will introduce two new jobs and a collection of new content. Like past expansions, there will be many changes in the core part of the game. Of course, fans also look forward to seeing more improvements in the next expansion.

    To compress Tank skills

    Various jobs in FFXIV have various skills. When you reach the highest level of the game, the number of abilities is very complicated. The most obvious of these is the tank. Tanks have a large amount of high cooldown, situational defensive buffs, these must be available in an instant. These operations may not be particularly difficult for PC players, but for players on the controller, managing so many different buttons that are crucial can be a big challenge.

    To differentiate Healers

    A new healer will appear in Endwalker. The healers in the current game are not significantly different in function. So the developers are also aware of this, and they expressed their commitment to distinguish between barrier healers and potency healers. Sage and Scholar will focus on negating damage, while Astro and White Mage will focus on healing.

    To make more utility for DPS jobs

    A great PDS needs to ensure continuous damage to a boss. A good DPS will make reasonable use of every tool on their belt to make their team successful. The utility is essential for an excellent DPS, and the best DPS can use many tools. Black Mage and Samurai are the most representative. Although they both have the ability to increase damage over time, this is a "utility" to help their allies. It’s good to make some DPS focus on the raw damage numbers, but they do not cause more damage than those jobs that have more utility.

    To spice up formulaic dungeons

    The dungeons are an important part of the main scene. The most challenging boss will be in one of the unique scenes, which is usually the most memorable part. They are an extension of the gorgeous area in the game, however, the dungeons in the game are indeed very similar.

    In FFXIV, the mode of the dungeon is fixed: fight the enemies, then the boss, then another boss, more enemies, and the last one is the more challenging boss. The path of the dungeons is linear, and there is almost no deviation between dungeon runs. So in Endwalker, if there are more interesting content or changes in the dungeon, it is also very attractive.

    We don't know more details about Endwalker yet, but when the expansion is released, IGGM will update relevant news as soon as possible. And will provide more free game guides and tips.

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