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News Tag: Diablo 4 Legion Events

  • Diablo 4 Legion Events Explained - What Legion Events Are & How To Access Them?

    Posted: Jun 29, 2023

    This guide will be about Legion Events, what they are, and how to access them.

    What Legion Events Are?

    Legion Events haven’t been completely figured out like Helltide Events, but they appear to show up every 20 to 30 minutes as a circular icon on the map and have a five-minute countdown before beginning.

    If able, you want to arrive at least two minutes before the event starts to stand next to the campfire. After lighting the fire, every eight seconds, we are given a 1% experience boost for the event. This stacks up to 15%, making it take two minutes to max out. You can still enter a Legion Event after it’s already started. You just won’t be able to get the campfire XP bonus

    How To Access Legion Events?

    There are three timed waves during the Legion Event where a certain number of enemies have to be killed before the time runs out. In the process of killing enemies, you will harvest a certain amount of Diablo 4 Gold. At the same time, the progress of killing enemies will be shown by the progress bar with the skull, showing how many enemies have been killed and an hourglass showing how much time is left.

    On the first wave, if the hourglass reaches the end before the skull, the event is failed, with enemies disappearing and no rewards given. If the skull icon gets to the end before the Hourglass, we move on to the first mini boss, which is called the Servant of Hell

    Each Servant of Hell will have three structures that need to be destroyed before they can be damaged. Once they are destroyed, the servant is taken down hopefully before the timer runs out. If they are defeated now, we reset for round two and then round three again until we reach the Overlord boss

    If you find it difficult to defeat the Overlord boss, you can check out the Diablo 4 Boosting Service on this website. This way, you can take down some of the more difficult bosses without breaking a sweat. 

    Once the Overlord boss is defeated, depending on how many servants have held many bosses were killed, we receive one to three chests. So, we made it to round three, but we didn’t kill enough demons in time. The next phase of the event skips right to the Overlord fight, and now we only get the rewards from two of the chests after defeating him.

    The events themselves only take six or seven minutes and the rewards seem to be all over the place from rares to Sacred legendaries to Nightmare Sigils. One of the biggest reasons to complete a Legion Event is because of the amount of XP gained from enemies in the small area, including the minimum 25% XP bonus from the campfire, making sure you drink an Elixir and other people being nearby.

    There’s also a chance to get the Ghastly Reins to unlock the spectral horse or another mount if that’s something you’re interested in.

    Some Notes You Should Be Aware Of 

    Lastly, there are a couple of notes on the Legion Event. 

    If it has been over a half hour and you haven’t seen that circular icon appear anywhere, sometimes they can appear where a stronghold is. Just make sure those are completed, so we aren’t missing out on any enemy.

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    I’ve seen a couple of people in game chat say that you need to keep stoking the fire to get the plus 15 percent. But this just isn’t true. You just click on it once to start the boost and then stand by the fire for two minutes.

    During the event, always look at the mini map and try to be the person who’s going to where there are fewer people. In this example, we fight these big groups on the ship and then it splits off to a North and South area. Of the six or seven people in this event, everyone went South, which means I have to go north. I start fighting these enemies with 142 left on the timer and it’s not until nearly 20 seconds later that someone else comes over right when I’m about to start my third group after the ship fight. 

    We ended up being way ahead anyway, so it didn’t really matter in this instance. But there are events where we were just five seconds too slow to unlock the Mastery bonus. And normally, when that happens, it comes down to people, just not splitting up efficiently.

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