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News Tag: Coiled Captors

  • The first Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands DLC launches April 21

    Posted: Apr 21, 2022

    2K and Gearbox Software have announced four new DLCs for shooter Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, with Coiled Captors being the first, launching April 21.

    Coiled Captors is actually a replayable dungeon with a boss named Chums. He is not intimidating like Cthulhu or Dagon. For centuries, Chums has been trapped inside the sea wolf’s massive body, which takes on different terrifying forms once he’s provoked.

    There are four forms of Chums that will be released at different times. 2K states that dates and times are subject to change. Players need to defeat Chums’ previous form to experience the next form. Other enemies in the dungeon start at level 13 and expand with Fatemake’s level from there.

    Players will need to travel to Brighthoof on the Overworld and find the Dreamveil Overlook to access the first of four Mirrors of Mystery. By challenging Mirrors of Mystery, players can earn Lost Souls, which can be used on the Wheel of Fate in Dreamveil Overlook. Plus, Wonderlands has a never-ending array of weapons and gear that players can get for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Items.

    Players who die once against Chums are out, and they must replay Coiled Captors. 2K says the other three upcoming DLCs are Glutton’s Gamble, Molten Mirrors, and Shattering Spectreglass. Players can continue to follow IGGM, which will continue to update them with game news.

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