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News Tag: Camp Skill

  • New World: How To Upgrade Your Camp?

    Posted: Dec 25, 2021

    In New World, one way to mitigate the lack of travel mechanics is to build a Camp and use it as a spawning point for the character. And the Camp is also a good place for you to rest, craft, and cook. But the function of the camp depends on the level of the camp you build. So if you want to go further, then it is impossible without New World Coins.

    Many upgrade processes in New World do not require the help of a trainer or a quest chain (such as weapons, armor, and crafting skills), but Camp upgrades are indeed different.

    The quest of upgrading the Camp is of a PVE nature and can be completed solo. In Aeternum, the protocol for upgrading Camp is not only dependent on specific quests, but also needs to be unlocked before the character starts. IGGM will guide you step by step.

    How to unlock the Camp Skill?

    You need to complete the quests given by the NPC in the nearby settlement. They may be one of four different people, depending on which of the four starting areas they were shipwrecked. The four locations are:

    * First Light

    * Everfall

    * Monarch’s Bluff

    * Windsward

    It's easy to find this NPC. They are near the town center and have "Survivalist" in their title. Their quest will include harvesting some kind of resource, which may be meat or basic travel rations, or killing problem animals for the benefit of the settlement. Once completed, they will give you the ability to build a basic Tier One Camp.

    How to upgrade the Camp?

    Each settlement has a corresponding level, which is related to the level of the character and the type of Camp that can be built.

    * Tier 1: Early settlements consist of 1-15 levels, and the quests in them can upgrade your Camp skills to the Tier One

    * Tier 2: After reaching level 15, head to the Monarch Buffs settlement, talk to an NPC named Bercine Thorton, and complete her quest - Friends in Fashion.

    * Tier 3: Your character must be at least level 25 to accept this quest - Animal Instincts, from Tosch in Cutlass Keys, you only need to kill a few alligators and wildcats.

    * Tier 4: You need to be at least level 41 to get the Lupine Observation quest. You need to go to Restless Shore and talk to Rilette Wilson.

    * Tier 5: Few people can reach Edengrove. If you reach level 50 and reach the settlement, you can talk to Survivalist Derick Wardell to get the last camp upgrade quest. Fading Lights requires you to defeat 10 Ancient Guardians in the nearby Pavo ruins.

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