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News Tag: Best Team Combination

  • FFXIV: Best Team Combination Of Playable Combat Jobs

    Posted: Nov 29, 2021

    There are 18 playable combat jobs in FFXIV, and when Endwalker arrives, the total will soon reach 20. The developers are very good at maintaining the relative balance of all classes, so when it comes to team composition, there is no wrong answer, but IGGM will provide a relatively good composition.

    Best Party and Job Combinations for beginners

    Although high mitigation, healing, and a high number of injuries are important, the highest output in these jobs is not necessarily the ideal choice. Classes that provide supportive benefits, such as party-wide buffs that improve the overall performance of the entire team, maybe more valuable than those that revolve entirely around high numbers.

    The complexity and difficulty of the FFXIV job will determine whether it belongs to the ideal team combination, so before starting anything, it is necessary to invest in FFXIV Gil in some good gear.

    The best combination for a four-person team includes Paladin as a tank, White Mage as a healer, Samurai as a melee DPS, and Dancer as a ranged DPS. These quests are the easiest to complete.

    * Paladin (PLD): It is considered a "pure tank" because it pays more attention to defensive abilities. The defense rotation of the PLD makes it particularly difficult to kill, which gives the team's healer more time to deal damage.

    * White Mage (WHM): It is considered a pure healer, because its ability is mainly used to restore HP, unlike other healing jobs to rely more on shields and buffs. Because WHM can spell "Holy", this is considered to be one of the best AOE abilities in FFXIV, and it contributes a lot to the team's ability to clear dungeons.

    * Samurai (SAM): It has one of the highest damage caps in the game, but its biggest drawback is the lack of support for the whole team, but when working with DNC, this will no longer be a problem.

    * Dancer (DNC): The advantage of DNC jobs is in the utility it provides to the team. The DNC in FFXIV mainly uses their Dance Partner to improve the abilities of team members and increase the damage of the entire team, which complements SAM well.

    Best Party and Job Combinations for experts

    If you are already a veteran FFXIV, then the best four-person team includes Gunbreaker as a tank, Astrologian as a healer, Ninja for melee DPS, and Black Mage for ranged DPS.

    * Gunbreaker (GNB): It is the most flexible tank in FFXIV. In addition to the more traditional tank abilities, it borrows other characters to get significant damage output and healing abilities.

    * Astrologian (AST): This healer uses a combination of healing and shields to maintain the life of the team, and provides additional support to the entire team in the form of damage buffs.

    * Ninja (NIN): It mainly revolves around personal damage. The "Trick Attack" skill will make the enemy more vulnerable to all damage.

    * The damage of BLM and SAM are comparable, and it is one of the strongest DPS classes in the game.

    You can arrange your team lineup according to your actual situation, which will make you more smooth in FFXIV, and Endwalker is coming soon. It is also a good way to come to IGGM to buy FFXIV Gil, everything is to ensure that you have a perfect game experience.

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