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RuneScape: Bounty Hunter Mode Is About To Return To Old School RuneScape

Posted: Feb 24, 2023

Posted: Feb 24, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Recently, Old School RuneScape announced the good news to you that the formerly popular Bounty Hunter mode is coming back to the game. While RuneScape 3 has been in development, it doesn't seem to have affected Old School RuneScape's popularity with the MMO community.

In 2013, to appeal to your nostalgia, so Old School RuneScape was released around that time. Over the past decade, the game has become one of the most popular MMOs around. Before each update of the game is released, it will let you vote in the community. The purpose of this is also to ensure that the majority of the community is satisfied with the direction the game is going. Even though Old School RuneScape is based on the 2007 version of game, that doesn't make you want to go back the past. Currently, for the 2005-era builds of the game, there are some members of the RuneScape community who are looking for them and want them to be able to archive the MMO, and the archive time is permanent.

RuneScape Bounty Hunter Mode

For the return of Bounty Hunter, Jagex has a blog post and tweet detailing some of the plans for the mini-game. Before an update to the game is released, there is a period of player consultation to ensure that Bounty Hunter meets the needs of players as much as possible, as with all updates to Old School RuneScape. Within these plans, every element of the original Bounty Hunter is covered in detail. Plus, there are ways to iterate on it in newer versions, which include matchmaking, skulling, Bounty Hunter Points, emblems, and some monetary rewards. In 2023, this is another very exciting major update for you. After voting, the first new skill to add to the game was chosen. At this point, you would think that Jagex should focus most of its development resources on this focus. I believe you must be very happy that the major update can really enter the title.

As an Old School RuneScape fan, you must be delighted that Bounty Hunter is back. In December 2007, the update was first added to the original game, and replaced Wilderness. At first you think this move is controversial, but some mini-game updates make it the ultimate way to engage in PvP combat. In 2014, it returned to Old School RuneScape. However, it was removed again in 2020 due to concerns over its role in gold farming. The purpose of the update this time is to bring old fans back to the fold. For this, the popular MMO has had some updates, especially the Old School RuneScape's Group Ironman mode, which obviously increases the difficulty of the game.

It's been 10 years since Old School RuneScape was released. However, the future of this game is still very bright and exciting. Focusing on community feedback is a great way to develop an engaged fanbase that cares about the health of the game. At this point, I'm guessing that this new skill could be released before the rumored 2023 release time, and it could be the biggest update to the game so far. Jagex has also become more tolerant for fan clients such as the game's RuneLite, allowing you to add many plugins with additional functionality to the game. All in all, you can look forward to Old School RuneScape, and the game's popularity will not declin

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