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Path Of Exile 3.23: How To Farm Affliction League Mechanic? - Easy Farming Strategy

Posted: Dec 20, 2023

Affliction is a league mechanic designed to explore Viridian Wildwoods, collecting Wisps to enhance your monsters’ abilities while finding powerful new items for all-new Wildwood Ascendancies!

While Affliction can multiply your loot to dizzying heights, it can also easily create unkillable monsters that make your map incredibly difficult. Knowing how to make the most of your time in Wildwood, and how to balance rewards and difficulty, is the key to making money through Affliction!

Today I will show you how I farm Affliction league mechanic and how to earn more POE Currency by farming it.

Path Of Exile 3.23: How To Farm Affliction League Mechanic? - Easy Farming Strategy

Talking About Mechanic + Dance Of Destruction

First, I need to clarify that this mechanic is not for everyone. Before getting into Affliction, you need a build that can tank and deal a lot of damage.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a tank build and most of the time it’s a one shot kill. So what I personally do is use Dance of Destruction on Atlas Tree. The purpose of this is to make the monsters deal 25% more damage, but it will also reduce their health by 25%. So it’s much easier for me to kill them this way.

Path Of Exile 3.23: Dance of Destruction

How To Run?

To start this mechanism, all you need is a tier 60 map. It doesn’t matter what map you want to run on and put Orb of Alchemy on it. And you can run it just fine, unless your build can’t perform certain mods.

But in addition, when you are on the map, Wisps will create a vine directly towards Wildwood. While you’re here, you’re going to look for some Wisps and try to stack them up to at least 4,000. No matter which one you get, there’s at least a total of 4,000 or more.

If you’re not sure which Wisps to choose: blue ones represent currency, yellow ones represent quantity, and pink ones represent rarity.

Path Of Exile 3.23: Maximize Your Wisps

League Mechanics

Therefore, the best alliance mechanics are Breach, Abyss, and Strongboxes. Because they will spawn more monsters on the map. You can also choose Harvest, as Harvest will give you more life. This is insane for Doubling Season.

You can also take part in Expedition, as logbooks and stack decks will also be added. Best of all, you can play Legion purely. Because they have monsters with overhead icons, these monsters will drop more loot.

Don’t Take Essence

But it’s worth noting that we don’t recommend you use Essence. Because they’ve become so tanky and powerful that they’re not worthy of being the same as Blight.

I did try Blight, but I didn’t have a great time, probably just because I was unlucky. I do have a map that moves really fast. Basically, what happened is I dropped Shockwave Totem. Within two seconds of their spawning, they’re in the pump and blowing up.

Growing Hordes

So you can take Growing Hordes. This will increase your backpack size based on Scarabs you put into your map device. Personally, I don’t use it as I use Scarabs to actually generate the map content.

Path Of Exile 3.23: Farming Growing Horde Expedition Huge Packsize

Blue Altars

This is probably the most important one, and that’s Blue Altars. Now these will add additional amounts to our map and we will increase our chances of copying the currency. We have a slight chance of a monster dropping a Divine Orb.

Adding More Packs To Maps

We also have some nodes that we can use that will add more content to our map and more mobs. You can also go to your map device, which will add more monsters to your map.

In closing, I just want to mention that you don’t actually need Magic Find on your gear. You just need enough damage to kill the mobs. Obviously, if you do have Magic Find gear, you can kill more mobs and get more loot. See you next time.


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