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Path Of Exile 3.23: How Can The Helmetless Tornado Shot Manaforged Arrows Deadeye Get High DPS?

Posted: Dec 22, 2023

This is a guide for the Tornado Shot Manaforged Arrows Deadeye in Path of Exile 3.23. Using Dance with Death keystone and no helmet, we can achieve more than 2 million DPS on a single arrow with a small amount of POE Currency. So just follow my steps and dive into this guide.

Path Of Exile 3.23: How Can The Helmetless Tornado Shot Manaforged Arrows Deadeye Get High DPS?

Pros And Cons

We’re going to talk about the Helmetless Tornado Shot Manaforged Arrows. I’ve seen very similar builds to this, but I think overall in 3.23, with the enchant gone from the helmet, this is one of the best times to try out the helmetless.

The pros of this build are that you can achieve high damage with little investment. It is very good for mid-game progression where you jump from yellow maps to red maps, and the mobs are getting much harder. With the example PoB that I will show after, you can achieve a DPS of at least 2.5 million on a single Tornado Shot Arrow.

How It Works

Let’s talk about how it works. It all revolves around Dance with Death. This Keystone will only appear when you use a Brutal Restraint Timeless Jewel that has the mod with that says "Denoted Service of Dekhara in the Akhara of Asenath." So, this is the important part where you have to have an Asenath Brutal Restraint Jewel.

POE 3.23 Dance with Death

The pros of this Keystone are that, as you can see, your Critical Strikes will be lucky, and your damage with Critical Strikes is lucky as well. What it means by 'lucky' is that the Critical Strike chance and the damage with Critical Strikes will be rolled twice, and the game will take the best result. By taking this Keystone, we will reach quite a high crit chance very easily, 90 to 100% crit chance. When we reach 100% Critical Strike chance, the Critical Strike damage will be lucky. However, there are some cons and trade-offs with this Keystone. As you can see, we cannot use any helmets, and there’s also the fact that enemy damage with Critical Strikes against you is lucky. So, if an enemy is critting us, we’re dead.

The way we negate the enemy’s damage with Critical Strike against us is lucky is by using a Mark Mastery. In the example of a PoB, we are going to be using the Mark Mastery. It says marked enemies cannot deal with critical strikes, so this will negate the big downside of this Keystone over here.


Let’s talk about the PoB for a bit. Overall, it is very similar to what the normal build has, except for the changes we are making. The main change is that we’re going to be using a Brutal Restraint that has 'Asenath' with this jewel. As you can see, without this jewel, this Keystone is Wind Dancer. But when we put the Keystone with this jewel, this will become Dance with Death, and we will take Dance with Death over here and take the Mark Mastery over here. Other than that, there are not many changes at all for the skill tree.

There’s one small note about the Ascendancy. Instead of taking Focal Point, we’re going to be taking Far Shot. This is very important for damage, as you can see. If I hover over Far Shot, it gives us around 30% to 40% DPS with this node. By using the Dance with Death Keystone, we cannot use the fledgling helmet that grants us Far Shot. So, we’re taking Far Shot instead of Focal Point.

POE 3.23 Far Shot


Other than the skill tree, there are some changes we have to make regarding the gems. So, we’re going to be using Volatility Support and Added Lightning Damage Support instead of Mirage Archer and GMP.

What Volatility does is that the supported skills will have 58% more maximum attack damage, but the downside is that the supported skills will have 69% less minimum attack damage. So, as suggested by the name of this gem, our damage is going to be very volatile. The range of our damage will increase, with low damage on the low end, but we will also have a much higher ceiling.

Similar to Volatility, the Lightning Damage Support overall in the game has a very high variance, as you can see. A level 20 Added Lightning Damage is 19 damage to 358 lightning damage. Comparing lightning damage to something like Added Cold Damage. The Cold Damage will be very consistent, ranging from 152 damage to 228 damage. The variance between the lows and highs, the lowest and the highest damage, is much lower than compared to the added lightning damage. And we will take advantage of Dance with Death, that makes our damage lucky and rolling twice, lowering the disadvantage of our volatile damage.

Since our focus is going to be mainly on lightning damage, I suggest also changing the anoint on your amulet to Arcing Blows, which will help with our overall lightning damage. Let’s talk about the configuration and items in the PoB. For the configuration, it’s very basic. Arcing Blows have power charger, Frenzy Charges, Gale Force from our Ascendancy, Onslaught, Adrenaline Onslaught from our flask. Then maybe our gloves, and the Adrenaline from our gloves as well. Just make sure that you’re always procing Trinity Correctly.


For the bow, we’re going to be focusing on some crit chance and attack speed since, with higher crit chance, we will achieve an effective crit chance of over 90%. You can search for a bow with at least 800 base crit chance, 1.5 attack speed, and 800 Elemental DPS, then you can get a pretty decent bow for about around two Divine Orbs.

This would be a decent bow. What I recommend is that you copy this POE item into the PoB. Here, you go to items and then create custom. You copy the POE Item over here, add to build. If I change to Wrath Song, you can see we reach almost 2.5 million DPS with a two divine bows. This is due to the very high crit chance that this bow has, and also it has a tier one lightning damage, which is very good for us.

The other items are pretty standard. Additional Arrow Quiver with some crit chance a generic six-link body armor, and the gloves are very cheap. Same thing with the amulet, and the boots are just resist and movement speed, as per usual. Rings are resist attributes, whatever you need, with the craft of the mana cost, with the reduced mana cost craft. The belt is a Stygian Vise for the extra socket and life attributes, resistances.


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