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Path Of Exile 3.23: The Ultimate Minion Build In Affliction League - Poison SRS Necromancer

Posted: Dec 23, 2023

It’s my Poison SRS Necromancer build in Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction League. There are lot of single target DPS, extremely good defense, and not the fastest, but still nice clear speed. New corpses from the league mechanic are absolutely amazing, so you can get a lot of good buffs from your Spectres. Just prepare for enough POE Currency and I will tell you everything you should know to play some on the Summon Raging Spirit Necromancer.

Path Of Exile 3.23: The Ultimate Minion Build In Affliction League - Poison SRS Necromancer

How SRS Works

Maybe you don’t know how SRS (Summon Raging Spirits) skill gem actually works. So, Raging Spirit is a minion duration gem that summons small burning heads that deal damage. The maximum is 20 Raging Spirits, and this skill is extremely powerful. The gameplay is very simple. In maps, we just run and use this skill until the maximum number of Raging Spirits is reached, and use it again when they’re gone.

Make sure you have 20 Raging Spirits heads and we are using SRS with five support skill gems as always. One of them is Unleash, which gives us the ability to spawn three corpses. So, just look at the top left of your screen and see when you have three charges, click on SRS.

Skill Gems

In addition to Unleash, we use four more support gems. Unbound Ailments for longer SRS duration and damage; Minion Damage is for increased damage; Chance to Poison is clear for what, and we change the last gem depending on what we’re doing. If you are running maps and regular bosses, we set Melee Splash Support for quick clearing speed. If we go for a fat boss or invitation, we change it to Multistrike for more single-target damage. That’s pretty simple and clear.

There are no hard combinations. Just Arcanist Brand with Bone Offering, Despair and Desecrate, Tempest Shield with Feeding Frenzy, Raise Spectre with Animated Guardian are supported by Minion Life and Meat Shield. The last one you may need to know about is Malevolence with Divine Blessing.


About POE Items in my build, we use Severed in Sleep for Envy aura because it gives us Envy aura for more chaos damage our minions inflict Wizards on Hit. It is important because we deal our damage with chaos. Just choose what you want and what you crafted. Eldritch implicit for more minion speed and some defense.

The shield can be with recovery life when you block, but I decided to buy something cheaper with a good maximum life and a lot of Resistances, including chaos. Jinxed Juju Citrine Amulet is very cheap but it gives us good chaos resistance, increases the effect of auras, and the most important 10% of damage from hits is taken from your spectre’s life before yours. It’s good for defense and allocated with Death Attunement for plus one to maximum Spectres.

Path Of Exile 3.23 Jinxed Juju Citrine Amulet

Body Armor is the Convenant unique chest, just the best chest for SRS Poison because it’s a big boost for chaos damage. You can just buy something on trade with minion modifiers like damage, life, movement speed, and chaos resistances. The second ring should be with a lot of Attributes because we have some problems with Strength and Dexterity in this build. So, I recommend crafting or buying one ring with a lot of Strength and Dexterity, also Life and Resistances if you can afford it.

Gloves and boots are similar, both with good chance to suppress Spell Damage and Life Resistances. Also Boots with movement speed. Just buy two fractured base gloves and boots and craft them with Essence of Envy for gloves. It gives chaos resistasnce. And Essences of Zeal for boots. It gives movement speed.

The last item is Darkness Enthroned Stygian Vise, which increases the effect of our Abyssal Jewels.

Poison Chance

About Ghastly Eye Jewels, remember that our Raging Spirits should have a 100% chance to poison and 100% accuracy rating. So when you buy Ghastly Eye Jewels, and we have a lot of them like two socketed in the belt and four in the passive tree.

First, you should have a 100% chance to poison and 100% accuracy. I mean, it’s your priority. You can check your current poison and accuracy chance on this page in your passive building. Just import your build, choose Raging Spirit modifiers, and look when you have 100% poison and accuracy. Look for some modifiers for chaos damage and maximum life. These jewels are actually not so expensive, so easy to buy.

Also, in this build, there is one Large Cluster Jewel, which costs five Chaos Orbs, with the modifier “Minions deal 10% increased damage” and the notable passive skill is Call to the Slaughter for more minion damage, attack, cast, and movement speed. That’s all you should know about items and jewels in this build’s passive tree.


About flasks, we use:

  • Physician's Divine Life Flask of Assuaging
  • Rumi’s Concoction Granite Flask
  • Quicksilver Flask of the Cheetah
  • Eximiner's Quartz Flask of the Pangolin
  • Transgressor's Silver Flask of the Lynx


Then, We will talk about defense in this build. About Suppression, we have our Quartz Flask that gives us 10% chance to suppress, and our chance to suppress is lucky because of this passive even in the passive tree. So, if you still have no 100% chance to suppress, you can use charms for a chance to suppress spell damage for better defense, but around 95% will be enough. This, along with maximum block and this effective hit point pool, so it’s up to you. If you’re already talking about charms, then in addition to this charm, we can and want to use another one which explodes the cursed monsters that our minions kill and causes chaos damage, good for clearing maps.

Path of Exile 3.23 Quartz Flasks

AG And Spectres

Let’s talk about Animated Guardian and our Spectres. Of all things, for Animated Guardian, the cost will be less than one Divine or about that. You can see all Animated Guardian’s items in my passive building and simply show them on the floor, then press the Animated Guardian ability button. But don’t forget that the first level of Animated Guardian cannot pick up this body armor, so I recommend buying level 20 at once.

Regarding the new and old Spectres, there are a lot of variations. Since we use three Spectres at once, we can experiment, and now I will tell you about several good Spectres that you can use in this build.

The first two Spectres are really cheap. It’s a perfect Primal Thunderbird, which costs Grace and gives us a lot of additional evasion. Also, this spectre deals good damage in maps, making it good for clearing speed. The next cheap one is Hulking Miscreation, a really juicy big minion that gives us a lot of damage per armor, and all our minions deal more damage. Also, you can buy the perfect version, which gives us 20 more extra lightning damage, but it will be more expensive.

The last, though a short one, is expensive. It’s a perfect Forest Tiger minion, the best picture for this build actually because we need this Haste aura for our movement, speed and damage. Also, it gives us attack damage and frenzy charges, so it’s a really, really big boost for our damage. These three Spectres I highly recommend buying.


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