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Path Of Exile 3.22: The Most Convenient Build For Magic Find - Blade Vortex Occultist

Posted: Sep 21, 2023

Here is a new build for POE 3.22 Magic Find, Blade Vortex Occultist.

At first, I wanted to make Ethereal Knives from the previous league, but unfortunately, without the Crucible Tree, it seemed to me that the damage was a little lacking. So, I settled on Blade Vortex Occultist.

Because of this build, I gained excellent damage and survivability, high mobility, huge explosions as well as one of the best Caster Mastery (25% chance to open nearby chests when you cast a spell, which will allow us not to click on every chest).

Path Of Exile 3.22: The Most Convenient Build For Magic Find - Blade Vortex Occultist


Let’s move on to the POE Items first.

Our weapon is, of course, the bow. The best option would be to take a synthesis base with ‘chance to explode’, but such a bow will cost from 150 Divine Orbs. I thought it was expensive, so I chose a base with ‘+1 to Level of Socketed Support Gems’.

A good choice would also be ‘Spells Have A #% Chance To Deal Double Damage’ or ‘#% Increased Spell Damage’. If you want to save POE Currency, you can take an Assassin Bow, which has a good implicit.

Before you start crafting, check if there is a better option on the trade. Maybe it will be cheaper. I like to craft most items myself, so I don’t look at trade prices. We will use Deafening Essence of Woe for crafting. We need to catch T1 Global Critical Strike multiplier. This will require about 36 essences.

After which, we need to remove all other nodes so that only spell damage and crit multiplier remain.

Next, we craft ‘Can have up to 3 Crafted Modifiers’ and ‘Cannot roll Attack Modifiers’. After which, we use Exalted Orb. Since we only have free prefixes and only one prefix does not have the attack tag, we are guaranteed to get ‘+1 to Level of Socketed Gems’.

Then, we craft again ‘Can have up to 3 Crafted Modifiers’ and add '+2 to Level of Socketed Support Gems’ and ‘Chance to deal Double Damage’. And our bow is ready now.

There may also be difficulties with the colors of the sockets since we need three blue and two red, which is quite difficult to get on a bow. I made three blue sockets and then used for a site. I was lucky to get all the sockets white. Additionally, you can change the quality to increased area of effect or increased elemental damage.

Next, let’s move on to the quiver.

The best base would be the Vile Arrow Quiver. We are interested in two mods: ‘Physical Damage as Extra Cold Damage’ and ‘Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage’. Making such a quiver is quite simple. It is enough to combine extra damage with convert using Awakener’s Orb.

But I also wanted to get a ‘chance to gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on Kill’. So after that, I used Aetheric Fossils and Frigid Fossils. I was unlucky and spent much more than I expected, so it’s better not to try to do this but to buy a ready-made one or leave two mods.

The last rare item in the build is a helmet (Gale Peak Royal Burgonet), not counting the cluster jewel of course.

First, I bought a Royal Burgonet with T1 fractured life and then gave it to the enchantment service to get 30% Blade Vortex duration. Then, use Deafening Essence of Loathing to get T1 ‘increased Rarity of Items found’ in the suffix and craft rarity of items from rare and unique enemies. After which, we look for rarity and prefix using Eldritch Currency. As for implicits, we need perfect Mana Reservation Efficiency and a choice of increased area of effect or increased damage per power charges.

The rest of the items are standard for MF builds:

  • Sadimas’ Touch with elemental weakness on hit
  • Goldwyrm with plus one to level of socketed gems
  • Greed’s Embrace with good quantity and plus one to level of socketed gems
  • Good Ventor’s Gamble and Eyes of the Greatwolf with 20% quantity

My amulet also has increased spell damage. Choose one with a useful second property.


As for the flasks, we have:

  • Perfect-roll Divination Distillate without quality so that it works longer
  • Progenesis, which gives us a lot of chaos resistances as well as additional survivability
  • Perfect-roll Taste of Hate, which gives us additional damage and a little survivability (If desired, it can be replaced with a Silver or Granite Flask)
  • Gold Flask with increased effect and additional rarity of items found
  • Quicksilver Flask (Use it with ‘chance to gain flask charge’ when you deal critical strike and additional movement speed during effect)


Let’s move on to the gems.

Our main link is Blade Vortex in weapon:

  • Vaal Blade Vortex
  • Awakened Unleash
  • Increased Critical Damage
  • Inspiration
  • Empower
  • Power Charge On Critical

If desired, critical damage can be replaced with item rarity.

In body armor, we have auras:

  • Zealotry
  • Herald of Purity
  • Hatred
  • Petrified Blood
  • Enlighten
  • Determination

If necessary, Zealotry can be replaced with Purity of Elements.

Next up is our Lightning Warp movement ability:

  • Less Duration
  • Faster Casting
  • Lightning Warp
  • Inspiration
  • Blood Rage
  • Enlighten
  • Arrogance
  • Herald of Ash
  • Molten Shell
  • Cast when Damage Taken
  • Awakened Enhanced
  • Portal

I use Herald of Ash with Arrogance. I also use Blood Rage to generate Frenzy Charges and keep life below 50%. Of course, I use Cast when Damage Taken with Molten Shell.

Thus, we have an excellent Magic Find build where we just need to extend our Blade Vortex and all the enemies around will explode and chests will open.


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