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POE 3.22: A Complete Guide To The Best Warriors In Trial Of The Ancestors

Posted: Sep 19, 2023

Posted: Sep 19, 2023

Source:  IGGM

What I want to introduce this time is related to POE 3.22 league mechanism, which is the best warriors for Trial of the Ancestors tournament. First, we use Silver Coins to enter Trial of the Ancestors area. There will be a door in the lower right corner to open the trial.


In the trial, you will first see that there are 16 locations on the map. This corresponds to the four icons displayed: Attack, Escort, Flank and Defense position.

POE 3.22: A Guide to Trial of The Ancestors! - How to win every time?

The attack position will actively move towards the enemy, and you have no control over his behavior. The escort position will move as the player moves. Therefore, if you have field control or buffs, try to put them in the escort position.

For the flank position, you can try placing mobility there. This can move Assassin or teleport the character. For defense, you can use some ranged or other supporting and useless characters. You can put them in a defensive position.

Path of Exile 3.22: Trial Of The Ancestors Location Explanation


My personal favorite strategy is to block in the middle since I’m playing Summon character. So I can start by helping the tanks fill the flank positions of those warriors on the screen.

Because these warriors have mobile tags on them. So they can easily pass through the enemy’s defensive formations and get to the back line to steal their totems. So I just need to block them in the middle and let them slowly steal the totems at the back. We should note that you can prepare some POE items, such as health potions and shields, in advance, just in case.

Warriors Choose

Currently, my favorite unit is Fieldmaster. He can steal totems while building walls. This way enemy monsters can’t hit him and he can easily steal the totem.


So if possible, you can try to select Fieldmaster first and then use support roles. You can put them in a defensive position or an escort position. Because these characters are buff characters, they are very useful.

POE 3.22: The Best Trials of the Ancestors Mechanic Build Guide

Hinekora’s Horn

In addition, Hinekora’s Horn can prevent the enemy’s resurrection or accelerate the resurrection of one’s own totem. Tidecaller is also very useful when placed in a defensive or escort position, as its waves can knock back and disrupt enemies.


Spearfisher slows down enemies when throwing javelins. So this can give you more time to defend or slow down the enemy as you advance. These methods are very easy to use.

Titanic Shell

The last thing I want to introduce are some special melee characters, such as Titanic Shell, which can protect your totem. If the surrounding totems still exist, then as long as it also survive on the field, the enemy warrior cannot destroy any totems unless it killed them first. If he kills the opponent and then devours the opponent’s body, he can prevent the opponent from resurrecting for 5 seconds.


Firebreather can self-destruct. So it depends on whether you want to put it on the defensive side or on the offensive side. Self-destruction is still very useful. Because the opponent’s monsters will be crowded together, we can use it to clear the screen and harvest more POE Currency.

PoE 3.22: Comprehensive Trial of the Ancestors Guide - Win Tournaments Quickly and Easily!

Goliath Of Night

For Goliath of Night, because he can stun enemies in a large area and does high damage. So he is also your best choice.

Currently, there are three warriors in this Rongokurai Tribe, and these three warriors are very useful. So I would try to deploy the strategy at the beginning. I will choose to reward more Favours instead of looking at the rewards later.

Of course, you can also choose other better rewards. But my priority is to get Favours of Rongokurai Tribe, followed by Hinekora Tribe. Because these two tribe warriors are very suitable for my strategy.

This concludes the discussion and selection of warriors in this Trial of the Ancestors tournament. Hopefully, these tips help you get to know them better and win the tournament!


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