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Path Of Exile 3.22: COC Tornado Shot Ice Spear Deadeye Build Overview

Posted: Sep 22, 2023

Today’s build is the destructive Cast on Critical Tornado Shot Ice Spear Deadeye with the Ranger class. 

This build combines all the power of a Cast on Critical build with this safety of a ranged attack. It has an amazing clear speed, and it’s capable of a huge boss damage.

Path Of Exile 3.22: COC Tornado Shot Ice Spear Overview


These are all the pros of this build:

  • Satisfying clear speed with explosions
  • Awesome boss damage
  • Instant leech 
  • Very tanky
  • Super fast
  • Amazing map farmer
  • High armour and evasion
  • High chance to suppress spell damage

I would start with this amazing clear speed you’re seeing. Look how satisfying it is to catch so many Ice Spears from our Tornado Shot projectiles.

I assure you that you will love clearing maps with this beauty. This character is awesome for bosses as well. It deals a lot of single target damage even from a great distance. Above all, it’s also very safe to play. You kill monsters and map bosses from afar, keeping them frozen into place. And for those bosses that are immune to freeze, you can also keep a safe distance and destroy them, anyway.

If by any means they manage to reach you, you still have over 90% chance to evade attacks, and a high chance to suppress spell damage and high armour.

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  • Expensive 
  • Many mandatory items
  • Hard to build

Now, to visit the cons, I’d start saying that this build isn’t for everyone. You need a lot of POE Currency to put it together.

Another issue is that it isn’t easy to build because it needs many specific rare POE Items.


As for budget, this build will need at least 15 Divine Orbs to put together. 

As I said, it’s an expensive one. Don’t forget it on, you can find a list with all the equipment that you need to buy for this build with direct links for examples being sold by other players. 

Unique Items

You need three military unique items for this build.

The first one is the Asenath’s Mark helmet that triggers socketed skills when you attack. This grants even more Ice Spears.

We also need the Maloney’s Mechanism. This one is the only quiver that has sockets. We are going to use those extra sockets to debuff bosses for a lot more damage.

Finally, we also need two Intuitive Leap unique jewels to save many points in our passive tree.

Clear Speed

For clear speed, this one is surely a 10 out of 10. 

Playing with this build is not only fast but also extremely satisfying.

Boss Damage

The boss damage also deserves 10 out of 10. 

You end up casting many Ice Spears and all of them can hit the target, causing an incredible shotgun effect.


For this survivability, I’ll give it 9 out of 10. 

This build can do everything from a safe distance. It freezes enemies. It has a huge amount of evasion armor and spell suppression. It will be hard to die if you always mind your position on Guardians and Pinnacle bosses.


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