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Path Of Exile: New Trailers For POE 3.23 Affliction & POE 2 Have Released!

Posted: Dec 06, 2023

POE already has a huge following, and I've been playing since the early betas, so I'm a loyal player. Now that POE 2 is about to launch, with a beta release planned for next summer, we'll be able to get a glimpse of what's new. We also spoke with the GGG development team, who were very focused on quality content for POE 1 and making POE 2 the best possible by improving a lot of the sequel's gameplay features, especially the feel of combat.

Path of Exile new tralier

We are super agitated to get Affliction and POE 2! Full details and PR are below:

Grinding Gear Games has revealed new details for POE 2 and showed off Path of Exile: Affliction. The new POE season was revealed during a developer livestream, along with POE's new Mercenary class.

At a live event in Auckland, New Zealand, on November 30, 2023, Grinding Gear Games revealed a trailer and content details for its latest POE expansion: POE 3.23.The expansion will launch on PC and Mac on December 8th, and on PlayStation and Xbox on December 13th. Additionally, the team also revealed a new Mercenary class in the upcoming POE 2.

Mercenary is a crossbow-wielding character class in Path of Exile 2, similar to shooting game playstyle, with the ability to switch crossbow and ammo types on the fly to unleash deadly combos on enemies.

Path of Exile2 New Mercenary Revealed

If you have enough POE Currency, you can purchase weapons and equipment for better character building.

Path of Exile 2 supports WASD movement using the keyboard, you can aim and attack in a direction different from the direction of movement, and you can switch between tap movement and WASD at any time.

The Affliction Challenge League

In the Affliction League, you'll encounter sacred Wisps who will guide you into the overgrown passageways that lead to Viridian Wildwood. The forest is shrouded in ominous darkness brought by the evil Affliction. You need to explore the secrets of the forest in order to prevent Affliction from the root.

The Viridian Wildwood

When you get close to the darkness, your Wisps will burn the affliction that shrouds the forest. Just remember to proceed with caution, as your Wisps power is limited and will run out quickly, otherwise, you'll be back to Wraeclast.

Take Advantage Of Your Challenges And Rewards

When you return from the Wildwood, the elves you rescued from the Wildwood will scatter into the environment and attach themselves to randomly selected monsters, increasing their power and rewards. Different types of elves have different effects. Sometimes there will be many elves attached to the same monster, making the battle more difficult, but you can also get more rewards.

Wildwood Ascendancy Classes

As you explore Wildwood, select the Azmeri Wanderers you will complete quests with to unlock one of three new Ascendancy Classes that you can have in addition to the regular Ascendancy Classes.

The Affliction Challenge League has several different types of rewards. The monsters you fight in Wraeclast may be affected by the Wisps you bring back from the Viridian Wildwood, greatly increasing the quality and quantity of the items they drop. Path of Exile: Affliction also includes over 15 new unique POE Items.

The Ultimatum Returns

Ultimatum is finally at its core. The Trialmaster has returned, and you can choose to undergo the deadly judgment of Vaal in exchange for generous rewards. If you fail the trial, he will offer to double or finish with you. Are you willing to take risks and want more rewards? Or want to lock in your winnings? We've given Ultimatum a more comprehensive balance and added many new modifiers, Atlas passive skills, Keystones, and bonuses, including new and redesigned Uniques.

POE Ultimatum


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