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Night Crows: Pre-registration Has Commenced For The Unreal Engine 5 MMO!

Posted: Jan 18, 2024

Wemade has once again introduced a new fantasy MMORPG titled Night Crows, and it has commenced its pre-registration on the web, as well as on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Much like Wemade’s other projects, the game will incorporate blockchain technology, primarily serving as a monetization tool in this particular case.

Night Crows: Pre-registration Has Commenced For The Unreal Engine 5 MMO!

Night Crows, an upcoming fantasy game developed by Wemade Co. Ltd and MADNGINE using Unreal Engine 5, is set to launch on both mobile platforms and PC later this year. Although a specific release date is not available, pre-registration commenced on January 11th, 2024. Pre-registration perks encompass a growth chest, 500k gold pieces, a new event, and a silver wolf mount. Mobile pre-registrants will additionally receive a Black Wings cosmetic.

The game includes 4 classes, each with 8 subclasses and 3 class advancement stages. It aims to feature massive PvP wars, involving three servers in a RvRvR battle with over a thousand players. This shows that this game is still very popular. If you want to have a good performance in this game, it is very necessary to prepare enough Night Crows Diamonds!

Participants will engage in battles for control of both land and air, utilizing gliders to soar through the sky. Given the title Night Crows, gliders play a crucial role in the gameplay, serving both as an enjoyable means of traversing the world and a strategic option in battles.

Similar to other popular Wemade Global games like MIR4, players in Night Crows will engage with a Web3 Blockchain Economy. They can earn in-game rewards, develop characters, and then choose to mint those characters as NFTs, which are subsequently available for sale online to other players. Wemade has dedicated considerable effort to perfecting their tokenomics, resulting in the existence of 7 different tokens within Night Crows, contributing to the overtly complex and intricate nature of the entire system. The system operates on the foundation of the WEMIX GameFi platform, linking to various games and markets. This setup allows the currency to potentially be used across multiple games in some capacity or traded for real money.

Night Crows New MMORPG

At present, WEMIX and Wemade boast a portfolio of over a dozen MMORPGs, and this collection continues to expand. Night Crows joins the likes of the MIR series, which is anticipating another Unreal Engine 5 sequel named Legend of Ymir. Other titles include Abyss Legend and Riders of Icarus, among several others. 

While playing many of these games doesn't necessitate the use of blockchain, the gaming experience in titles that involve the sale of player-minted NFT characters and items is often characterized as an extremely pay-to-win system. This observation holds true even before factoring in the financial commitments required to participate in the blockchain aspect of the game.

Nevertheless, Wemade has achieved a certain level of success with their properties, and MIR4 continues to be featured in the top 100 games currently played on Steam, notwithstanding Steam's purported ban on blockchain games. This ranking doesn't even account for other platforms such as the Play Store or Apple’s App Store. While many western MMORPG players remain cautious about blockchain games, and with valid reasons, Wemade appears to have garnered sufficient global encouragement to continue expanding their offerings, at least for the time being.


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