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Night Crows: Get An Inside Look At This New Highly Anticipated MMORPG

Posted: Mar 11, 2024

In early 2024, one of Korea’s most significant gaming triumphs of 2023 will reach a global audience with a cross-platform release on PC, Android, and IOS. Night Crows, a free-to-play MMORPG crafted in Unreal Engine 5 and situated in 13th-century Europe.

Whether wielding a sword, bow, or sorcery, adventurers can engage in monumental battles both on land and in the skies. Here I will provide with you a comprehensive guide to Night Crows.

Night Crows: Get An Inside Look At This New Highly Anticipated MMORPG

For some players who don't know much about this game but want to quickly integrate into Night Crows, having some Night Crows Diamonds ready in advance can be a wise decision.


Set in the aftermath of the Fourth Crusade of 1204, Europe’s attempt to expand its influence to other continents didn’t go as planned. So, they’ve taken the fight back home. Nestled between France and Italy, the fictional principality of Nutriest was born out of rebellion within the king’s Knights Templar and now seeks to unify all of Europe.

And by unifying, we mean hit with swords, arrows, and magic. You play as one of the titular Night Crows, a guild of Warriors made up of knights, royalty, and religious figures who’ve banded together to fight against threats to the land. Threats there are aplenty, as the Night Crows square up against many humans, beast, and colossal monster.


In the Night Crows Guild, players can choose from 4 classes, each offering 2 advancement options that significantly impact gameplay. As players progress, they can upgrade to new advancement levels to further specialize their characters.

Warrior Class: If you seek immense stopping power and the ability to withstand damage, the Warrior class is for you. Choose between wielding a colossal two-handed sword capable of striking fear into foes or mastering the spear, which enables impaling attacks from a distance and drawing enemies closer with a spinning vortex.

Swordsman Class: For those preferring a balanced approach to defense and offense, the Swordsman class offers a sword and shield option. This setup provides protection for both the player and their allies. Alternatively, embrace chaos and aggression with the twin sword style, dealing devastating damage with unmatched ferocity.

Night Crows Classes

Hunter Class: Those who prefer ranged combat will find the Hunter class appealing. With the bow, archers can maintain distance while providing critical support and weakening enemies. Hunters can also opt for the dagger, which allows for silencing and immobilizing foes, reducing their effectiveness in battle.

Witch Class: Magic enthusiasts will thrive in the Witch class, which offers versatile options with either a wand or a staff. The staff excels at dealing significant damage to multiple enemies from afar, while the wand specializes in healing spells to bolster party support.


Shortly into your game, you’ll unlock mounts. Once you have them, you’ll be able to travel around the map much more easily. Not only that, but you can enhance your character’s abilities because equipping a mount provides additional attributes such as better attack speed or higher defense.


You might have spotted the strange floating platforms suspended by air balloons scattered throughout the vast landscape. These are connected to one of the most interesting features of Night Crows: Glider. Take to the skies with your allies, both for travel and for combat.

These Gliders aren’t restricted by petty obstacles like gravity or momentum. While you’re gliding, you can hover with the hover flight function, dash horizontally with a flight rush, and if you spot an enemy, you can target that enemy and get a devastating hit with a dive attack.

Night Crows Gliders

However, not all Gliders are created equal. Different Gliders have distinct features based on their design and grade, so make sure you pick a Glider that suits your play style.

Leveling Strategies

The 2 best ways to level up quickly so you can get into bigger and better battles are by questing and challenging enemies. Quests can be auto-completed by your character, so they are a convenient way to level up when you’re just starting. If you want to take more direct control and challenge enemies, you can engage directly with the controls to take down enemies manually. However, as some enemies can be particularly tough and may require help, even if you’re a higher-level player.


Night Crows is a MMORPG, so to get the best experience, you’ll want to team up with a group to take on larger battles, be they enormous monsters that threaten the land or worthy challengers in PvP. When playing Night Crows, you can expect to be on maps featuring 1,000 players at a time.

Madngine, the developers of the game, has utilized inter-server technology to enable players on 3 separate servers to cross swords with one another. That means a relatively small skirmish can escalate into a tremendous battle with hundreds of opponents. Not only that, but the battles aren’t restricted to the land, as gliders and floating platforms offer a whole extra dimension to combat. Expect all of medieval Europe to become one colossal battlefield.

Once you’ve upgraded your character to Level 40, you can move to the Battlefront. Battlefront takes Night Crows from multiple servers to provide the largest, toughest battles in the game. With battlefields taking up most of the map, it’ll push your glider utility and combat prowess to the limit. But the rewards for Battlefront victories are more valuable and diverse compared with regular battles.


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