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Night Crows: Which PvE & PvP Classes Are The Most Recommended In Korean Server?

Posted: Mar 12, 2024

Embark on a journey through the elite ranks of Night Crows’ classes, where prowess in PVE & PVP separates the legendary from the mere mortals. Drawing from the Korean server’s battlefield wisdom, this guide unveils the top meta classes. Prepare to arm yourself with knowledge as we unveil the information of the strongest to the weakest classes. Let's get straight to it.

Night Crows: Which PvE & PvP Classes Are The Most Recommended In Korean Server?


The magic that commands both fire and ice is known as the Staff class. 

Although it has a challenging beginning game, staff users are not well-liked in Korea because of their poor survival skills and lack of CC. Even with investments, this class is viewed as inferior.

However, if you meet the requirements, they are excellent at dungeon hunting, so don't give up even though they are weak. 

Please note that this information is based on the Korean server. Changes may be made to make them more viable.


The Wand class is the hope for allies' healing. As opposed to other classes, wand users would have a more difficult early game because of the slower farming. 

Once they have all the essential skills and legendary abilities, this class will be incredibly useful in PvP, monster encounters, and party dungeons

For team building, The Wand is a must-take course. Make sure you join an active guild that can help you advance in the game if you choose to take this class.

Two-Handed Sword

Two-Handed Sword class has the ability to charge while wielding a massive sword.

When it comes to farming, this class moves slowly. 

Due to the abundance of CC this class offers, hunting speed notwithstanding, it is excellent in PvP. A target can be stunned by this class for around 6 seconds if you possess the necessary skills. Compared to the other classes, this makes skilling the opponent much simpler. 

It is an effective class for gaining points in early PvP. Furthermore, this class can accelerate their pace in battle, which increases their fear factor.

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The Spear class is designed to exploit an enemy's weakness. There is a great attack range for this Spear class. 

The class talent that grants him status resistance makes this character formidable in PvP. Because of his state resistance, he is powerful against classes that use CC abilities like stun, pull, taunt, push, freeze, and bind skills. 

This Spear class is thought to be extremely overpowered in the current Korean server, especially with the addition of four CC abilities. The absence of a speed acceleration skill in the class is one drawback.

Twin Sword

Two swords that bring opponents to their demise make up the Twin Sword class. 

The Twin Sword class has a slow hunting speed to begin with. 

This class needs an investment to be viable because it only has one CC skill from the legendary skillbook. 

This class will start to outperform the dagger class in PvP after obtaining the legendary skillbook, and it also has a survival skill.


The Dagger class is the shadow-casting class that obstructs the enemy's line of sight. 

Although this class is not suitable for early PvP in the game, they are quite strong in PvE. 

Dark Chains are CC skills that are exclusive to this class and cost money. These special abilities are mostly obtained by defeating World Bosses and have an extremely low drop rate.

One-Handed Sword

The sword and shield that protects teammates is known as the One-Handed Sword class. 

This class's rapid hunting makes it extremely poor at farming. 

On the other hand, they are vital in PvP and guild warfare. Because of its tankiness, this class is typically overlooked in PvP encounters. To play this tank class properly, you have to make a lot of sacrifices.


The Bow class is like an arrow that enters the battlefield.

Although the Bow class is extremely vulnerable, with enough investment, it can become a formidable force when compared to other classes. 

In PvE and dungeons like as the Land of Prosperity for obtaining gold and Night Crows Diamonds, this class is dominant.

Which Class Stands Out As The Top Choice To Improve Farming Efficiency In Night Crows?

When it comes to efficient farming in Night Crows, the Archer class emerges as the prime recommendation. 

Night Crows Archer class

Renowned for its ranged prowess, the Archer excels in dispatching foes swiftly and effectively from a distance. This specialization in ranged combat proves invaluable in areas where maximizing damage while minimizing risk is paramount.

Moreover, specific farming techniques and strategies can further amplify your efficiency. Tactics such as concentrating on lower member areas for optimal damage or investing in particular gear and abilities can markedly boost your farming capabilities.

Keep in mind that the ideal class selection is also influenced by your individual playstyle and preferences. Experimenting with different classes is advisable to discover the one that aligns best with your farming approach. 


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