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Night Crows: How To Enhance Your Capabilities And Achieve Swift Growth? - Leveling Tips

Posted: Mar 13, 2024

Greetings to the Night Crows crews! Welcome to the realm of Night Crows. Let us delve deeper into the themes of adventure and progression to better understand the allure of this immersive world.

Night Crows: How To Enhance Your Capabilities And Achieve Swift Growth? - Leveling Tips

Exploration & Advancement

To facilitate swift progress and enhance your capabilities for a fulfilling journey in Night Crows, several methods are available.

For expedited growth in the early stages, engaging in a variety of quests proves beneficial. These quests include Main, Side, and Daily quests. Main quests not only expedite your progress but also offer rewards conducive to gameplay. Daily quests, on the other hand, can be completed daily, yielding contribution coins and region contribution points. Furthermore, collaborative efforts with fellow players can be initiated through requests. It's imperative not to overlook the rewards earned from daily quests, as they may include special items purchasable only with contribution coins.

As you immerse yourself in adventures, your character's level and statistics will naturally improve. Character details provide insights into critical stats such as Damage, Defense, and Accuracy, pivotal in combat scenarios. Additionally, the Creed Inheritance system empowers players to augment their statistics. Accumulated Creed points can be invested or reclaimed, enabling customization of stats. With a cap of 40 points per Creed, strategic allocation becomes paramount.

Progression through class levels unlocks opportunities for specialization and skill acquisition. Upon reaching designated thresholds, players can embark on class advancement journeys. Each advancement enables deeper specialization within the chosen class, granting access to advanced skills. Moreover, the initial advancement introduces the Weapon Proficiency manual menu, allowing players to enhance weapon proficiency using accumulated experience points. It's crucial to prioritize the augmentation of weapon proficiency, as it unlocks various additional effects and strengthens combat prowess.

Night Crows Request Station

Completing secondary and tertiary class promotions yields class Skill Traits, further enhancing skill sets. Skill Trait Points, acquired during class promotions and weapon proficiency level advancements, facilitate the addition of supplementary effects to existing skills. The flexibility of Skill Trait Points allows for their reset, enabling adjustments to desired effects.

Should your current class fail to align with your preferences, switching classes is an option. However, it's essential to exercise caution, as items, weapon proficiency, and Skill Trait Points accumulated before the transition will be inaccessible until reverting to the original class. Therefore, careful consideration is advised before committing to a class change.

How To Get More Power?

During your adventures, certain encounters may leave you craving greater power. So, how can you achieve this?

There exist several methods to bolster your stats. One such avenue is Spell Infusion, where sets are granted randomly, and maximizing each slot yields additional stats. Additionally, the option to save and load stats is available, providing strategic advantages.

Another approach is through collection. By registering collected items—such as monsters, achievements, and gear—players can unlock collection effects for each category. Identifying and registering the appropriate items is key to enhancing desired stats. Of course, you can also sell the items you don't need directly to exchange for more Night Crows Diamonds.

Mounts and weapon styles also contribute to stat improvement. Available for purchase, these items offer varying grades—normal, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary—each with distinct equipment effects. Combining mounts and weapon styles of different types can yield additional stats.

Similar effects apply to Gliders, where both their grade and type influence their stats. Crafting a variety of gliders allows players to tailor their stats to suit their preferences.

Enhancing and refining gear further augments its power. Enhancement Scrolls are utilized to enhance gear, increasing its sets. While gear can be enhanced up to 12 times, caution is advised as failure may result in the item's destruction. Safer Enhancement Scrolls are recommended for guaranteed enhancements.

Refinement, on the other hand, introduces new stats to gear above rare grade. Utilizing Refinement Stones, players can add additional stats with each refinement attempt. With no risk of failure, refining presents an opportunity to acquire desired stats without hesitation.

Night Crows Gameplay


All in all, as you venture into the world of Night Crows, the paths to both exploration and advancement are vast and rewarding. Engaging in a diverse array of quests, honing your character's skills, and mastering the intricacies of class progression are pivotal steps towards growth and success. Additionally, harnessing the various methods to enhance your power, from Spell Infusion and collection to acquiring mounts, weapon styles, and gliders, ensures that you remain formidable in your adventures.

Remember, each decision you make contributes to your journey's outcome, so tread carefully and embrace the challenges that lie ahead. With dedication and strategic planning, you will undoubtedly rise as a formidable force in the realm of Night Crows. Safe travels and may your adventures be filled with excitement and triumph.


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