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New World: What To Consider For Building A Character’s Build?

Posted: Oct 26, 2021

In New World, character building is unique. Unlike having a class, the build of each character is designed with attributes, weapon mastery, and skills.

Since the official release of New World in early September, more than 1 million games are logged into the game every day. It provides players with a unique way and has gained continuous traction.

The biggest difference between New World and other MMO games is its classless and smooth character builder. It relies on weapon mastery and attributes rather than pre-made classes. It does not allow you to choose a class when creating a character, which means that there are no classes in the game. Your adventurer will upgrade the attributes and weapon mastery, and you will be able to decide your build, because the respec feature of the game will make it easier. If there are sufficient New World Coins, the process will be smoother.

Each weapon has two builds for you to choose from, as well as specific stats to support different weapons. This allows you to mix and match, and evolve over time, rather than being limited to a certain type of weapon.

If you have not reached level 20, then you are free to try different weapon builds and stat allocations, because you can reallocate these stats until you reach level 20 or level 10 mastery on a certain weapon. After this, you select the attributes related to the weapons you plan to use for a long time, such as Great Axe and Strength, Life Staff, and Focus.

In addition, you also have a lot of freedom in other aspects of character build. Some players like to fish peacefully in Aeternum, but others want to improve their logging and mining stats to craft more high-tier weapons.

IGGM will continue to update more New World-related news, including game content introduction and gameplay guides, and cheap New World Coins are also available here.

In short, IGGM will provide everything you need before you start New World. If you are a new player in New World, it is necessary to come to IGGM to know about the game-related mechanics first.


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