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New World: How To See Threat?

Posted: Oct 20, 2021

In New World, there is a feature that makes it easy for you to see threats in the game, but not everyone in the battle knows. This is a major new change after New World was released in September this year.

WOW's main position in MMO games is that the era seems to have passed, because many players, including some Twitch stars, Asmongold, have begun to try this game. Because it does not have a long history like WOW, the game’s controls and minor features are not as widely known as its competitors.

How to see the threat?

If you go deep into a team battle, whether it's a Tank aiming at targets or as a DPS dodge attack, you will understand that it is important to see when the enemies are approaching you. However, those having trouble spotting such dangers have a small feature that they need to start using more.

If you see the enemy's health bar with red triangles on both ends, it means you have a threat. This may be something that many players do not realize, perhaps only tanks know this, and many low-level DPS do not know that this is an important thing. This is very convenient for tanks because they can check whether they are doing their job correctly.

On the other hand, using this feature will allow DPS or healers to know when they get stuck or become the target of enemies.

If you have found this, then you are lucky. But if you only learned this after reading this article, it means that it is also helpful to you. You can use this to plan your actions in battle. IGGM will collect more about the various tricks you can use in New World.

And IGGM also provides New World Coins. Although you can also grind New World Coins in the game, if you want to have enough time to immerse yourself in the game, it is a better choice to buy New World Coins from IGGM.


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