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New World: How To Get Legendary Weapons? 

Posted: Oct 14, 2021

The New World Legendary weapon quest is a series of severe challenges, and they have the best rewards in Aeternum. You can find legendary weapons in other ways, but only through luck and grinding. Unlocking and completing these quests is the only reliable way to obtain them, so that you can successfully obtain them to deal with New World late-game challenges and more difficult PVP battles. IGGM will give you some suggestions.

What are Legendary weapons?

Legendary weapons are usually with the best perks. Legendary weapon quests are the best way to obtain these weapons because they are guaranteed rewards, but you can also obtain other legendary weapon variations at a few points.

At the beginning of the game, you can unlock some recipes for forging weapons, although you need a completely updated crafting station to create them. This requires investment from the settlement’s governor, so it is beneficial to establish good relationships with controlling factions and companies.

How to start Legendary weapon quests?

There are some endgame dungeons and arenas, including The Garden of Genesis and Spriggan, which can reward you with legendary weapons, but the drop rate is very low.

To unlock the legendary weapon quests, you need to reach level 60 and have level 20 mastery for the weapon type in question. Go to Mountainhome and talk to Eintou Madaki. In addition, it is convenient to register a house or Inn as a location for your fast travel because you will come back often.

Madaki will let you find the weapon molds needed to craft legendary variants. After completing these, your next step is to find available materials for them.

These are special items unique to each weapon, so you can't harvest them in advance. Each weapon has 7 quests, and every item you need is guarded by a group of elite enemies. So before you get them, you need to be fully prepared. New World Coins will be helpful and can help you deal with the various situations you encounter in New World.


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