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New World: How To Fast Travel?

Posted: Oct 07, 2021

In New World, just walking on the map will make the player get bored easily, so you need to move around efficiently in all the fast travel locations in New World.

You can travel quickly from any settlement in this area, but you need to pay for the travel in Azoth. The amount of Azoth you pay depends on the distance you travel and the level of your encumbrance. The price can be lowered, and the factions that control the area can be discounted. If you have sufficient New World Coins, then these will not be a problem for you.

How to fast travel in New World?

Fast travel is relatively easy, you only need to travel to a settlement, open the map to choose a settlement you want to travel to, and click "fast travel".

Another convenient way to travel quickly is to check in to the inn. You can select the inn on the map and choose "Recall to inn" to return easily. However, this ability has a cooldown, so you have to be prepared in advance and don't get caught out.

Fast Travel Locations

You can fast travel to any settlement, outpost, or spirit shrine you have visited before, so this is not a quick way to unlock new areas on the map. You can use this interactive map to find all outposts, spirit shrines and settlements in the area you want to go to.

You can also travel quickly to your home and inn, but you can only check in to one place. Once you travel quickly back to your inn and home, the one-hour cooldown period begins before the next fast travel.

This is about fast travel in New World, which allows you to get to any place faster. IGGM will provide more game tips as the game content unfolds, so if you are a New World player, you can subscribe to IGGM to get more info. In addition, you can also buy New World Coins from IGGM, and our live chat is always available. If you have any questions during the purchasing, please contact our staff.


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