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New World Season 4: Master Melee Dexterity - A Comprehensive BIS Gear Guide

Posted: Feb 02, 2024

I’ll be providing an informative guide on obtaining the best in slot gear for Melee DEX in New World Season 4. The gear pieces can only be farmed through dungeons because they're going to have illegal perk combos that you cannot attain anywhere else. Make sure that you have plenty of New World Coins, which can greatly aid you during your Expedition dungeon adventures. 

They're going to only drop from M1 all the way up to M3. So depending on the dungeon, you might not be able to farm them because maybe it's not the rotation for those mutations. So without further delay, let’s delve into this guide.

New World Season 4: Master Melee Dexterity - A Comprehensive BIS Gear Guide

Glacial Tarn Expedition

The first set we’re going to talk about is going to drop from the new Glacial Tarn Expedition. It has the Frigid heavy set. This Frigid heavy set has Enchanted Wood and Elemental Aversion, and it can roll a third perk. With this third perk, you can roll it at the Gypsum Kiln with the cost of chromatics and dark matter. However, it has Magnify, so it’s a bit problematic for different types of builds because maybe you have too much Magnify and you can’t go for the attributes you want.

You can reroll the third perk. Even if it rolls something absolutely atrocious. So, you can make an amazing set with the Frigid piece. This can only drop from the final boss, so you have to complete the whole dungeon itself, but nonetheless, it is an easy dungeon, and you can do this at M1.

Savage Divide Expedition

Next up, we have the Savage Divide dungeon, and it’s going to be dropping you some Primal pieces. You cannot roll the third perk, so it’s going to be RNG, and this is why doing a high mutation will be better because if you end up dropping it at 650, you’re not going to get that third perk right because it’s going to be an epic.

New World Season 4 Savage Divide Expedition

The Silverback Smasher, which is one of the lead named gorillas, as well as the first gorilla boss, will drop the heavy pieces, whereas the Silverback Smasher gorillas alongside the Mammoth, which is the final boss, will drop the medium pieces. However, if there is no mutation, you cannot attain these pieces from a normal dungeon. This all comes down from M1 all the way up to M3. It only drops on heavy and medium for pants, as well as gloves. Heavy is locked Strength, medium is locked Dexterity.

If you want to make it easier to farm these pieces, make sure your overall weight loadout is not necessarily the same type as what you’re farming. But the pieces you are farming, make sure you’re equipped with the exact weight.

One last thing to mention as well is the random perk that you can roll as the third perk. It's pretty much the same as the crafting loot table. You're going to have Refreshing, Health, Empowering, Armor Breaker for the gloves as the highest roll, I think it's about 16%, and then after that, it's going to be Thrust Conditioning, Strike Conditioning, Slash Conditioning. And then it's going to be like Invigorated, Vigor and so on. So, it's pretty much the same as the crafting RNG.

Depths Expedition

Then, we got the Depths, and they also have some amazing pieces. They’re called the Imbued Waxen, and these can be farmed from multiple enemies in the dungeon. As mentioned before, M1 is all the way up to M3, and that’s going to depend as well on the gear score because if you drop a too low gear score, you’re not going to be getting that third perk. The third perk is going to be RNG the same way as we mentioned with Savage Divide.

New World Season 4 Depths Expedition

However, this set here is only for boots and pants, but it can go from light all the way to heavy. Stats as well are going to be locked depending on your 2 primary stats. So if you have the majority of Strength and Constitution, most likely it’s going to be dropping as Strength and Constitution. So, be very careful how you’re going to be farming. It’s going to be affecting the drop itself. And just like the Savage Divide, you cannot roll the third perk.

Glacial Tarn is the only set from these that you can roll it at the Gypsum Kiln, but the good thing is you don’t have any Magnify for both the Depths and the Savage Divide. These are better if you want Shirking Fortification and Elemental Aversion, and these 3 sets are the best sets you can get with the legal perk roll, such as Enchanted Wood, Elemental Aversion or Shirking Fortification. Everything else is kind of mediocre, or you could just potentially craft it.


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