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New World: Is Cache Of Prospected Gems Worth Trying? - Testing & Comparison Of Different Tiers

Posted: Feb 04, 2024

In today’s guide, we’ll test whether Cache of Prospected Gems is actually an efficient way to make gold, or if they’re just a waste of time.

Now let’s start testing. I’m going to open 10 of these Epic-Tier versions. Then, after selling everything I got from each gem, we’ll see how many of those 10 gems end up being profitable. And how much more profit each would make after selling all the gems at once, after deducting the cost of all the gems?

I won’t try to upgrade any of these gems to be consistent during this process.

New World: Is Cache Of Prospected Gems Worth Trying? - Testing & Comparison Of Different Tiers

I will also provide the current price of each gem currently on my Maramma server. So you can compare with your own server. Because like every other money-making tool, their profits largely depend on your server price.

Then, once we find out if Epic-Tier is profitable, we browse Rare and Uncommon Tiers just in case they are hidden money-making machines.


First, let’s see how much New World Coins it will cost to buy these Epic-Tier Cache if you buy 200 Platinum or choose one of them as per your requirement.

New World: The Current Price Of Each Gem In The Maramma Server

Currently, each Platinum costs 0.32 gold coins on my server, costing 65.68, maybe it will be cheaper for you. I also need 20 Pure Solvents per box, which costs another 8.7 gold per box. Pure Solvent sells for 0.02 gold per box on my server. So if I multiply all of this by 10, the entire experiment will cost me 712.39 gold, including the 46.89 crafting tax.

It’s worth noting that I made them in my crafting area to minimize taxes. Also, you need to Smelting at least 200 times to make one of these. But this is actually very easy to achieve.

Let’s see if we can recoup our initial investment after 10 pulls, or even make a profit from it, since each pull must bring in more than 71.23 gold to be considered profitable. Now let’s see how it turns out:

  • Number 1: Sold 73.81 gold and made a profit of 2 gold.
  • Number 2: Sold 9.33 gold, loss is 62 gold.
  • Number 3: Sold 129.74 gold, bringing a profit of nearly 60 gold coins.
  • Number 4: Sold 89.2 gold, 18 of which was pure profit.
  • Number 5: Sold 3.21 gold coins, resulting in a loss of 68 gold coins.
  • Number 6: Sold 209.39 gold coins, increasing net profit worth 138 gold coins.
  • Number 7: Sold 17.9 gold coins, resulting in a loss of 54 gold coins.
  • Number 8: Sold 9.82 gold and lost 61 gold.
  • Number 9: Sold 191.33 gold coins, increasing profit by 120 gold coins.
  • Number 10: Sold 113.86 gold coins, bringing an additional profit of 43 gold coins.

Now that all Epic-Tier testing is over, let’s take a look at the results before trying to pull Lower-Tier methods 10 times.

As you can see, 6 out of 10 pulls I did were profitable, which means the profit percentage was 60%. But the big question now is whether this experiment will be profitable after spending 712.39 gold coins on this test.

I managed to sell all the gems and got 846.88 gold from them. I made a profit of 134.49 gold in this process alone, not to mention you will gain Smelting XP from it if you do this process regularly. Plus, these caches will net you tons of Aptitude Crates, which will only increase profits.

Although 134 gold is not a very high yield at the moment, if you do it in large quantities, you can make a decent amount of money this way. Especially if Platinum prices are probably lower on your server and gems sell for higher prices than on my server.

You can use this price chart to compare prices between servers. But if you are also on a Maramma server, this method is definitely profitable.

If you want to take it a step further, you can even re-refine these gems to the highest level, or break them down into Powerful Gemstone Dust based on price to squeeze every last bit of profit out of your investment.

New World: Prices Of Dfferent Gems On Maramma Server

Lower Level

Now we know that Epic-Tier of these Cache of Prospected Gems is profitable. Let’s quickly test their Rare and Uncommon Tiers to see if they might be more profitable.

To pull Rare-Tier, we need 200 Gold Ore and 20 Pure Solvent per crate, which is 0.07 per Gold Ore on our server. So for 10 pulls, including Solvent tax and crafting tax of 34.75 gold, I spent 181.19 gold.

After transaction fees, I’m left with 169.05 gold. This means Rare-Tier is unprofitable, as I lost 12.14 gold coins in the process.

Uncommon Cache costs 200 Silver Ore per pull, as well as 20 Pure Solvent and crafting fees. Each Silver Ore costs 0.06 gold on my server.

After selling everything, the total cost for 10 pulls will be 143.58 gold. I got 43.6 gold from selling the items I got from those 10 pulls. This means that Uncommon-Tier is also unprofitable, as I lost 99.98 gold in the 10 times I tried this method.


In short, skip Rare and Uncommon Tiers, we need to put in a lot of effort to profit from them. However, if you buy when Platinum prices are lower, and are as efficient as possible, Epic-Tier is a great way to make money that is very viable.

But before starting any money-making methods, again use the provided chart to compare prices. If you make money through this method, don’t forget to share it. Good luck!


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