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New World: A Complete Guide To This Fun And Effective Spear Rapier Build

Posted: Jan 26, 2024

Let's discuss the Spear Rapier build, which is designed as a medium, highly mobile setup - perfect for making dynamic plays in New World. If you enjoy showcasing a flashy playstyle, this build is sure to capture your interest. If you want to experience this build better, then please prepare for enough New World Coins.

How It Works

This is the type of build that will require a little of practice because it does have quite a high skill ceiling. It’s very flashy, but a lot of it just comes to spell usage. If you do end up playing this build and you get good at it, it will really reflect. You can outplay the enemies, you can outmaneuver them very easily with the Evade, with the flesh, and make these plays.

New World: A Complete Guide To This Fun And Effective Spear Rapier Build

But it’s not only about the mobility. It also has a ton of burst damage. You have the track in from the perforate, you have the Cyclone slow with the damage, as well as empowerments from the Skewer. And if they manage to get away, you can always gap close them with the Rapier.


So we’re going to talk about the stats. We need 300 Dexterity, 200 Constitution, 100 Strength. I put extra points on Dexterity because of the stat scaling alongside the Spear and the Rapier. You lose about 3 to 5 damage on the spear, but you gain a lot more on the Rapier, so might as well just put those additional points on Dexterity. 200 Constitution is a no-brainer. You’re playing medium, so you’re kind of squishy. If you play with light, you can get away probably with 100 Constitution. If you’re really ratty, maybe you can even play less than that, but 200 Constitution is the safe bet, especially for wars.

300 Dexterity perk will help you out in case you get stunned, staggered and just insta-weapon swap to the Rapier, evade backward, flesh out, whatever you want to do, which is a safe approach. You’re getting a lot of damage, coming to 250 Dexterity to 200 Dexterity. You got Backstab, as well as empowerment whenever you dodge, which makes it really easy to get that empowerment when you are using the Rapier. 100 Strength is a no-brainer to get that bonus damage.

Spear Skill Tree

When it comes to the skill tree, this is what I would recommend as a bread-and-butter Spear build for the Rapier itself. You have to go for the Skewer whenever you are applying the bleed with the Finisher artifact. You are getting 15% bonus damage for both weapons. Cyclone is a must-have damage perk. It also gives you stamina as well whenever you hit the enemies. Fortifying Perforate on your gear to make yourself a little bit tankier but also stacking up the exploited weakness for the Rapier.

Rapier Skill Tree

We’re just mostly going to use mobility, CDR, and just abilities that keep you out of the gap close or to get out of trouble and have a lot of uptime. That’s why we’re going for the Evade, Flourish and Finish. Flourish and Finish also gives you 20 stamina on the finish itself. You’re going to have a lot of CDR perks on crits, on-hit stamina as well, and some mobility.

That way you can actually trigger bleeds a lot faster. You don’t really need it because mostly when you play with a Keenly Jagged Spear and Spear of Skewer, you’re always going to guarantee yourself a crit when you’re hitting them from the back, and you’re just going to be applying Keenly Jagged. If they try to get away, Skewer as well is another way to secure that bleed, so it’s really not needed. Rapier is mostly for the utility to get in, to get out, and just get that extra finishing blow to the toolkit.


The key components for the weapon itself are Keenly Jagged, Penetrating Backstab for extra damage alongside a tumor, which is Bread and Butter. It’s going to work on abilities and your normal left clicks. You’re going to have a Runglass Gem on both weapons. However, on a Spear, it’s going to be an Opal because you’re always going to be chasing people by shifting forward and hitting them ideally from the back so you get guaranteed crits, which is going to give you invigorating crits and Keenly Jagged at the same time.

New World Runglass Gem

On the other hand, we are going for the Opportunist, which is an Emerald. When we are chasing people with the Rapier, we’re going to be chasing them when they’re low, and that’s why we’ve also locked plague crits to just disable or just affect their potion healing effects whenever they’re trying to get themselves out of trouble. And that’s where the plague crits and opportunist really kick in.


We just don’t want enough magnify that it’s going to screw up with our 300 Dexterity, 200 Constitution builds. The only magnified pieces we have gone for are the Tumor as well as the Finisher artifact. And then, The Frigid chest piece, we have to lock Fortifying Perforate. But because you are playing Tumbler Feetwraps, you would rather go for that first approachand therefore, you want to have the Frigid chest piece that’s going to guarantee your Elemental Aversion. Elemental Aversion is going to be the most important perk out of them all, it’s going to be a lot about survivability, sustainability. That’s why we’re locking Shirking Heals as the third perk, either be on the crafts or the Frigid pieces.

New World Tumbler Feetwraps

Tumbler also includes 2 pieces of Shirking Heals because it’s got one from the actual artifact, which is Shirking Blessing, alongside Shirking Heals. The prior is Elemental Aversion to either Shirking Fortification or Enchanted Ward. These are a kind of the legal perks you can obtain in certain dungeons, the heavy pants, medium gloves from Savage Divides, or The Frigid from the Glacial Tarn.

Fortifying Perforate is a must-have perk in this, but you could go for health refreshing. It’s up to you to decide what kind of third perk you want for your legal pieces. These pieces you have to RNG the third perks, so you don’t really have an option.

You have to grind the dungeons whenever it’s available, and this only comes from mutation, 1+ with the Tumbler Feetwraps providing you a ton of fortification, 25% and 50% empowerment. If you do go for the Shirking Fortification approach, it’s really nice because you’re going to be stacking a ton of fortifies, even if you’re playing medium, it’s still really going to add up, so I highly recommend either going for the dual perk lock illegal combos that you can get from the dungeons or even just crafting a Shirking for Shirking Heals sets.


For Jewelry, Champion's Amulet, Champion's Ring, you can lock the third perk. I’ve obviously gone for Thrust Protection and Thrust Damage. It is a Spear Rapier build after all, most of the damage is going to be thrust other than the Cyclone. And for the earring, Fortifying Toast, one of the best perks. That means a 2-second downtime, Refreshing Toast for faster pot uptime and regenerating.


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