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New World: 3 Best Ways To Make Money With Skinning Skill Line!

Posted: Jan 26, 2024

In this guide, I will review and test 3 great ways to make money with Skinning Skill Line in New World. This way you can earn some extra gold while improving your Skinning skills.

We will introduce three different methods, compare the results, and provide you with the market prices for all items currently on my server so that you can decide based on price which method is the most profitable on your server.

New World: 3 Best Ways To Make Money With Skinning Skill Line!


Before we get started, we have a quick disclaimer. I’m doing all of this with a complete 700 Gear Score Set of Skinning gear.

On top of that, I also prepared a really good Skinning Knife, top-tier Skinning Trophies, and Powerful Proficiency Boost to really maximize my New World Coins earnings.

If you want to take your running to another level, you can even use the most profitable Music Buffs and top-tier packs on Skinning Knife.

Let’s take a quick look at the current prices for all the different Hides in my Maramma server so you can see how they compare to yours. As you can see, they all have decent prices, but Dark Hide is obviously the most expensive.

New World: Current prices of all different kinds of Hides in the Maramma server

Method 1: Dark Hide

But now let’s get into the first method, which is farming Dark Hide. Like most Skinning methods, it is self-explanatory.

You must find a place where a lot of skinnable mobs spawn, and the level of these mobs should be level 63 or above. You’ll then need to keep killing them as they spawn, and skin them with your best Skinning gear to maximize your returns. Almost all wild mobs can be used for this purpose.

If you don’t have extensions, Brimstone Sands is a great place to farm. But I finally decided to run Shirzad’s Pride for 15 minutes and go to Trading Post to sell everything I got.

In the end, I earned 822 gold. If you multiply that by four, you can expect to earn 3289 gold coins per hour here. Not to mention all Aptitude Crates and random gold drops you get from killing mobs, which will increase your profits.

But this is not the most profitable place in Dark Hide, as there are many great farming locations.

You can also choose Elysian Wilds if you’re hunting Dark Hide in case the area is full, or if you want to multitask and get some additional resources. There are a lot of mobs spawning here, and a lot of hides will be produced after skinning them. So this is definitely a great place to see!

As with all gold crafting methods, I need to add the disclaimer that it also depends on the price on your server. So, compare prices before starting any approach.

Master Dark Hide Farming in New World - Best Locations Tips and More!

Method 2: AFK

Next, we have the second method, which is AFK method. This method focuses on Thick Hide.

When running this approach, I like to use places where there are tons of other great resources around, so I chose Boarsholm.

Many Sporebound Boar will be generated here, and the cooldown time is two minutes. Skinning them will give you tons of Thick Hides and other cool stuff. There are also some nice Starmetal and a few Ironwood Trees surrounding them, which will only add to your profits.

This isn’t a completely AFK approach like I’ve done with other skills, as Boar respawns quickly. But we still only need to kill the spawn here occasionally.

In the space of 30 minutes, I managed to get all of this loot, plus I got a ton of side projects done. But by selling everything I got on this run, I managed to get 1689 gold coins. This means if you multiply that by 2, you can expect to earn 3379 gold per hour.

And you’ll earn Mining, Logging, and Skinning Aptitude Crates while doing so, and the extra gold dropped will only increase profits.

One trick to speed up killing Boar is to use a weapon with lots of AOE and an ability like Ice Pylon to automatically lure Boar into an area. This way, you can quickly kill and skin them before going back to AFK.

New World: AFK Skinning Farm

Method 3: Rawhide

Finally, we have the third method, which is Rawhide method. This is great for any lower level players or those in Rawhide’s more expensive servers.

It is less intense than Dark Hide method. Because the mobs you want to grind are easier to kill. You can even just use your Skinning gear instead of constantly swapping in and out of combat gear.

There are many locations to do this, but I like to head to the beach in Cutlass Keys Map, run around the main island with the fort in the middle, and follow the shoreline to kill Alligators there. You can run endless laps and accumulate tons of Rawhide and some other cool stuff.

I did this for 15 minutes and managed to get all this loot. When I went to Trading Post to sell them, they brought me 667.95 gold. If you multiply that by four, you can expect to earn 2,669 gold coins per hour here. Don’t forget to check the prices on your server to compare.

Best location to farm Rawhide in New World!


Overall, that’s the end of this guide. This covers the three ways you can create gold using Skinning Skill Line in New World.

Here I compare the benefits of the three methods so you can get an overview of them all. Also, I will list all current market prices for the main sales items used in these methods. This way, you can easily compare prices with your servers.

New World: Comparison of income among three methods

What is your favorite skinning method? Let me know which method is most profitable for you on your server. Good luck!


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